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  • Jadzia

Had this phone for about a month now and it's terrific. Good battery life, crisp pics, responsive. really like the BlackBerry menu button.

  • Ahmed El-Naggar

Amazing performance for a phone that got it all I need for 3 years now and I'm still pleased with my choice.

Salman, 03 Apr 2020Should i get it in 2020?Honest opinion please. Pros and cons. Just one word about this phone...FANTASTIC

I have this phone for almost 3's so powerful and secure,i can not change it because this phone is masterpiece of blackberry.

  • BG

Had it for a week now. It's so light that the Barcelona wind almost took it from my hand. I love that. The screen got scrathced numerous times in just 7-10 days and I've sadly dropped it once, before the case and screen protector arrived... I dropped it on the metal corner from my bed (max 30cm) and the whole screen has now a hairline crack and bits falling out from top left corner..furthermore it has small chips and of all types in the screen already just from being inside my jeans pocket?!..
The system told me it's full at least 10x so far, and that is not normal for 4GB ram, especially when I have just Facebook, Instagram and another 4-5 apps running. If you get it and get a screen protector immediately, and are willing to 'block' a few apps from running in the background - then I recommend it. The price seems to be 480 dollars in the US now (amazon) and for that price one can get a decent Samsung a40 or whatever, something with gorilla glass and optimized for apps to run without RAM issues! But if you need that extra security that blackberry claims to provide (it does feels secure in all aspects and fingerprint sensor is super fast!)...and you will never drop it...and are only running 4-5 apps at a time...get this, I love its shape and the pics it can take for a single lens camera. Hope this helps

  • yerbusiness

I've had the Motion for a little over 2 years now with flawless control until now. The screen seems to be losing it's 'touch'. I'm having a hard time swiping to answer calls and there's a short delay when dialing using the keypad. Any ideas?? LCD screen going bad??

  • Lokii

Zabra, 06 Jul 2020I traded a Google Pixel 3 for this phone and have not regre... moreIn this phone required additioal net pack or suffering anything?

  • Zabra

I traded a Google Pixel 3 for this phone and have not regretted it, I don't understand the shade being thrown at this phone...It's really a great phone. Solid and reliable. Battery outperforms Apple, Google, Samsung, etc... full Android OS with some signature BB features. Really underrated phone in my opinion.

  • Benu

Zabra, 04 Apr 2019Owned for a year, phone works great. probably the best BB I... moreIt's really a good android smartphone ever till date made by BB. It is featured with latest and newest version of software which makes it extremely faster to use.Also it's battery life is best up to the mark and powerful, and once charged, it can stay active for up to 2 days without any requirement of charging, even using it for a longer time for carrying out any kind of work. lt is featured with latest tools like fingerprint sensors, sensible cameras with led flash support, email support, SMS service, newest version of Bluetooth,hotspot, great amount of RAM, mind blowing 1 TB of storage capacity, dust resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant etc. It is powered with 6GB of RAM which makes it superfast in internet browsing and carrying out any kind of work.It has got extremely sensible touch screen which looks awesome.It has also got one of the best security services ever made by any android or smart phone till now. It has touchscreen QWERTY keyboard makes it easier to send SMS, emails, and chat to dear ones and friends. Also it is featured with the shortcut keys which enables it to open any kind of applications with just a click on the go.
Really an outstanding,cool and a very good looking smartphone till date!! I really suggest everyone looking for any android or smartphone to buy thisπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘..

Salman, 03 Apr 2020Should i get it in 2020?Honest opinion please. Pros and cons. Terrible CPU

Big Battery

The only IP67 Blackberry so far

It's up to you

  • Salman

Should i get it in 2020?Honest opinion please. Pros and cons.

  • Jrome

Still using this fone for a backup.. still rocking it...

  • BB

Does you have intention to lunch e security path for DTEK50?

  • BB-fan

Ronnie , 20 Aug 2019Does Blackberry have patch updates for their phones??Hello.Of course that BB released every month security path for their phones,because Blackberry is know for security and privacy.But the Motion is nearly a 2 year old phone,and for a long support,you must the latest BB phone,which are Key2 and Key2 LE,both keyboard phone.Thank you.

  • Ronnie

Does Blackberry have patch updates for their phones??

  • Anonymous

I wonder if this phone will be updated to android 9


It looking good and nice body design. But I feel the single sim slot as a draw back of the phone.

  • BB-fan

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEY2?Hello.Depend on what you need.Both phones are for productivity focus and has a great build quality.If you like the keyboard it's better for you to go on to the Key2,but also the Motion has great virtual keyboard and has a bigger screen,5'5 inch display.Don't forget that this 2 phones runs android,so you can access to all the application.Thank you.

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEY2?

AJ Styles, 02 Apr 2019I got the Priv and passport. Never again. Both phones fail ... moreSounds like you got a dodgy phone, can't you get your phone co to replace or repair or refund you for your problems with the phones. I've had my passport for 2 years now and battery life still great and cameras not the best in the world but it still does a decent job though.