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  • Anonymous

I wonder if this phone will be updated to android 9


It looking good and nice body design. But I feel the single sim slot as a draw back of the phone.

  • BB-fan

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEY2?Hello.Depend on what you need.Both phones are for productivity focus and has a great build quality.If you like the keyboard it's better for you to go on to the Key2,but also the Motion has great virtual keyboard and has a bigger screen,5'5 inch display.Don't forget that this 2 phones runs android,so you can access to all the application.Thank you.

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry Motion or BlackBerry KEY2?

AJ Styles, 02 Apr 2019I got the Priv and passport. Never again. Both phones fail ... moreSounds like you got a dodgy phone, can't you get your phone co to replace or repair or refund you for your problems with the phones. I've had my passport for 2 years now and battery life still great and cameras not the best in the world but it still does a decent job though.

Hooi, 28 Jun 2018down to BB motion and Keyone , Motion has water resistant, ... moreTBH it doesn't matter about the rom size as you set the ext sdcard up as adopted internal storage. The phone sees the ext card and the internal 32gb storage all as one storage block and it means that apps are installed onto and ran from the external card too. Since android 6 marshmallow you've been able to do it I had my priv setup that way and it worked like a dream. Some manufacturers block you from doing this in order to sell phones with larger internal storage but BB have been very good in allowing you to use the ext card like this but also keeping the phone secure. So buy the motion of you want the bigger screen and waterproofing and when you setup your ext SDCard the phone will ask you do you want to use it as external or internal storage. Choose the latter and your sorted. Hope this helps.

  • BlackBerry Fan

Zabra, 04 Apr 2019Owned for a year, phone works great. probably the best BB I... moreBy 2 days of heavy use, does it include playing some games?

  • Zabra

Owned for a year, phone works great. probably the best BB I've owned. Battery and camera comments I've read are waaayyyy off. I charge my phone once every 2 days with heavy use. no complaints. Camera takes great pics and vids. Love the Locker app and DTEK security features. If you care about your privacy, which not a lot of young dumb kids do, this is THE phone for you.

I got the Priv and passport. Never again. Both phones fail miserably. While great machine concepts the battery life on them lasts good at first within 6 months it totally begins to die fast. Was curious about this but I’ll stuck with my Z30

  • Anonymous

BB-fan, 17 Jan 2019Hello .BB Evolve X has been released since August in India.... moreHi evolve X is not available in Amazon and I could see in other site that launching date is April 19 in India

  • Anonymous

After 6 months, the back camera does not work correctly. Very fuzzy. Battery life is about half of what it was. Never again.

  • 3kgeoff

Jim, 04 Jun 2018Real pitty Blackberry lost the plot. We are now stuck with... more In a way I agree with you that the system on the Passport was superior, but I had to go with the times where Android is so popular, so I had to buy a Motion.
The BB10 was the best ever to my mind.

  • 3kgeoff

I moved from the Passport to the KeyTWO and now the Motion. I find the Motion much more user friendly than the KeyTWO with a larger screen and keyboard. In fact it is a relief as I was always making typos unless I got my fingernail to handle the physical keys.
A final word for the Motion. When BlackBerry lost market share to iPhone, I believe they had the incentive to make the best phone possible to try and recapture sales. The Passport is unique in better screen size for serious work and a unique physical keyboard which had less characters and involved some clever programming. I only dispensed with this glorious phone because it had few Android apps.

  • Leo

As far as I understand there is no FM radio on the north american versions.

  • gaber

i buy motion and when i try to insert the sim only one is inserted and the secand no can any one help in that

  • BB-fan

Chella, 15 Jan 2019Can anyone pls confirm when will evolve X will be launched ... moreHello .BB Evolve X has been released since August in India.This device is only available for the indian market.If you like to buy it,you must search on amazon,if this device can be shipp to your country.Overall if you like BB with the touchscreen ,go for BB Motion,which is a great device and you can buy worldwide.Also you have available worldwide 2 new keyboard phone,like BB Key2 and Key2 LE.Thank you.

  • Chella

Can anyone pls confirm when will evolve X will be launched globally and in INDIA. Iam great fan of BB

  • KH

I've had this phone now for 6 months. No complaint yet. It's an Android. I invested in this phone because the things I wanted were great and the things I didn't care for weren't. It's display or camera aren't worth writing home about. It's battery, OS, keyboard, screen size is wicked for me. It's really tough picking new cell phones these days... I don't have a regret eh.

sakthi, 11 Dec 2018hi,im live in india,i cannot buy that mobile....HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • j

Why is it not available here in the Philippines? There's a huge market waiting for Blackberry Android phones.