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  • Anonymous

Blablabla. Expensive phone.... Useless

  • AnonD-706917

it has same Snapdragon as MiA1,.. the price is high, it needs to be cheaper actually

  • AnonD-687126

I actually like the look. Square at the top, rounded at the bottom.

I wish that back was carbon fibre, like the old Moto Droid Razr. Just metal with a covering sadly.

It costs too much, but I don't hate it.

  • AnonD-441601

Front looks good back looks ugly as f..k specs compared to price are really bad wonder if someone buy thi thing.

  • Ro

benben, 09 Oct 2017finally a simple and nice design with decent specs and pric... moreAgreed

  • AnonD-459086

Video camera, should be 4k.

  • AnonD-706775

I love this phone,i would like the buy this phone

  • benben

finally a simple and nice design with decent specs and price. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

  • snk

why the price is so high for such mediocre specs?
it should have been around 300Euros at max.
they are lagging so behind than current dominating smart phone makers in terms of looks,hardware,camera etc..etc.
BB if u want to return back than do some thing extra ordinary with less price tag.

  • AnonD-706758

If lighter than a pixel, I'll consider it

Thats specs and about 400 euro? Ok, bye.

  • Anonymous

Seems better than the competition... Good waterproofing, great battery...

  • AnonD-706707

its already dead , stop it !