BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105

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  • Peanut

My mom's phone dies when she's having a conversation with her friends -_-

  • Anonymous

nice phone, battery backup lasts for 1.5-2 days with moderate use like sounds, bbm, txt and calls for a day. easy to use/navigate as well, worth the money except for the memory which is only 256mb with an os6 hardware and lacks of second cam for vid calls like skype...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2011anyone knows the price of this handset in the i've... moreI'm not realy sure about the price maybe its under 10,000pesos today, try to contact , Ibought mine in there store. goodluck

  • AnonD-32958

pidj09, 05 Dec 2011I love the fact that the phone is sleek. It has better resolutio... moreyes the right convenience key is according to some a software problem, and some said when you keep on trying it (assigning new shortcuts to it) it will work, good luck in trying!

  • pidj09

I love the fact that the phone is sleek. It has better resolution that BB Curve (well, basically because the screen size is smaller). Any way, I'd like to ask fellow BB Pearl 9105 users if the right convenience key isn't really working. It works fine if you'll use it in taking photos. But if you are in your home screen and for instance, you want to use the right convenience key to bring up the camera (or any app that you assigned it to), it does not work. Same experience? Will be waiting for your response. Overall, its 7.5/10..

  • Anonymous

anyone knows the price of this handset in the i've tried to look at some shopping centre and i can't seem to find one. thanks for the info in advance

  • AnonD-32958

great phone great features for its price

good for BB beginners

  • AmazinGurl

I Just Got A Tempory one while my curve is bieng fixed and i think it is amazing besides the keybored but i will get used to it so guyz just stop complaining :P

  • :))

- good phone
- battery would last for 2 days (light to moderate use)
- very handy
- good camera
- be sure to turn off your gps if you're not using it
- turn off mobile network if you're not using BIS
- switch brightness to 20%

  • Anonymous

richards hurt, 25 Nov 2011big disappointment The interface is so crappy 1. the keys do... moreNo wonder why your called "Richards Hurt"!!!! You've obviously NEVER uesed a BB before!!! Your SE is for SIMPLE minded people!!! Interface, well that depends on personal's what your used to! As for the keylock on BB you either go to the menu setting and can manually lock this or there is also a lock button...Sorry I forgot that this is TOO complicated for your mind as your pretty simple minded! You can ALSO set in the menu to lock the phone automatically AND set this to lock WHEN you put this in to the holster!!!! Er...that's four different lock techniques already! SE.....once simple keypad lock and NO security....! Er need I go on for more about other features of the BB??? Guess not....!

  • Anonymous

Camera problem (Hardware). Used less than 1 year. Warranty for camera only 6 months. The worst phone in my life. Rubbish quality.

  • richards hurt

big disappointment

The interface is so crappy
1. the keys dont automaticaly lock
2. when you use the internet, the battery goes dead very quickly..even with a full charge
3.takes forever to start up
4. phone automatically starts up when u put the battery in..WHY????
5. after using the seems like its still running even when ur not using it...low battery very quick
6. when you are in the subway, you get totaly NO connection with ur provider, where with my other phone a sony ericsson w810 i get full bars

i bought this to replace my w810
but wat a huge disapointment
still usin my w810
and still looking for a phone that can replace my trusty w810
crappy phone
stay away from this on

  • jean

is this phone got easily lowbat? answer pls.

  • don

vj, 22 Nov 2011Hai buddy,i thought of buying this bb9105,i just want to know we... morereasonable sized display user definable font size and style 239ppi screen very crisp htc sensation for instance only 199ppi..i have this phone highly reccomend it.

  • vj

Hai buddy,i thought of buying this bb9105,i just want to know weather the display is small or large or medium?could any of the bb users can describe exact length of the display (length*height).please describe that in cms if possible.....waiting for the reply .....thanks

  • kabalen

AnonD-7823, 07 Nov 2011I'm planning to buy this phone. Currently using Samsung Galaxy ... moretipo ku yang 9105, firstly it is not a qwerty keypad, its predictive keys like commom alpha numeric keypad mobile, and some features are very good and just enough for what im looking for, plan to buy this mobile

  • sID

Is this phone availbale now?If yes, Where?

  • jj

i have a Nokia E52 with 1200 saved contacts in my phonebook,can somebody teach me on How i can easily transferred my 1200 contacts to the BB pearl 9105? thanx

  • smr

this BB is fantastic,, old style but future action!!

  • Anonymous

All in one Best mobile