BlackBerry Pearl 8100

BlackBerry Pearl 8100

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  • adil

we've been waiting for soo long for this moment... can it be real?... is it too good to be true?... yes... yes... it's true... a blackberry with a camera!!!

  • Casey

Never thought I'd see myself ever wanting or buying a blueberry, but this phone is sleek, and packs all the features I want. Cant wait for it to be released, I will be picking it up

  • blithe

i'm totally having this phone... just hope they'd be selling it in our country...

  • terrorist

QWERTY keybord looks very uncomfortable to use, they should have made it bigger.

  • Christopher

This phone is GREAT!!It is like a normal cell phone(The Black Berrys phones are very big and heavy).It has got everything what you want.This phone will be the glammer of 2007

  • kadeem

this phone is my number one with plenty memory and a camera i like it but all i want it to have is wi-fi & infared but anyways keep up the good work blackberry.