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  • Anonymous

there should be blackberry priv 2.

  • Anonymous

I wonder why blackberry still having manually botton ,the company should work on it ,so that they can let the keyboard be on display,I like the phone from day one

  • Matt

One of the worst phones I've ever had. Problems from the day one.

Battery lasts for less than a day with normal use. When watching youtube or scrolling facebook the battery goes from full to empty in 3 hrs. Authorised service are saying the battery performance is comparable to other Priv's (it seems the high resolution is REALLY draining the battery).

After a few months problems with the sound emerged and were fixed by an authorised service. The speaker was screaching, longer calls (15 min +) got disconnected without any reason.

Very slow performance and overheating issues couldn't be fixed and remain to this day.

After 1 year of use the "volume up" button stopped working properly (needs to be pressed really hard).
After screenshot is performed, the phone slows down, red-blue-yellow light starts to flash and a bug report appears.
Several times the phone "restarts" automatically (starts displaying triangle-circle-square symbols as if restart was performed), however doesn't require PIN to be entered in order to boot. After 3-4 minutes it seems to be functioning normally again.
If I get a call during this time, the caller thinks it's ringing and I don't answer. However, I don't get a missed call notification. And I have no chance of using it during those 3-4 minutes, not even for an emergency call.

Also, mobile data doesn't work abroad. And it's activated. In a different phone mobile data works normally so it isn't operator's fault. Couldn't be fixed.

Now I'm buying a new phone. This was my first and last Blackberry. Really looking forward to running it over with my car when the new phone arrives.

  • bob

MWC, 06 Dec 2020Bought it in 2016, still using it today. It is getting ap... moreSame here. Phone is still great and display is really good. Design is still modern. If this phone got android 7 I am sure that it will go for 2 more years. However, I am bored that it heats up and slows down. In the google maps I nearly wait 2-5 seconds each menu. Blackberry produced best phone to its date 4 years ago but they messed up with processor choice and lack of updates.

  • MWC

Bought it in 2016, still using it today. It is getting app can not be updated. Probably need to change phone soon. Phone still great, but SW and OS are getting old.

  • Anonymous

Arifin, 03 Nov 2020How I will collect BlackBerry Priv Original battery.We also want

  • Arifin

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020Got the first one when it first appeared. Loved it so much,... moreHow I will collect BlackBerry Priv Original battery.

  • Anonymous

Yipz, 07 Oct 2020Anyone tried this phone in 2020? I like the idea of physica... moreGot the first one when it first appeared. Loved it so much, hunted another one down in 2019 and bought it, along with spare batteries. Considering that nobody is making them like this anymore, I'm hunting down another one now in 2020.

  • Vicky T

Yipz, 07 Oct 2020Anyone tried this phone in 2020? I like the idea of physica... moreI bought it in 2017 still using it, facing difficulty running apps. Not worth buying it in 2020

I purchased the device in November 2016. After several weeks of adjustments and updates the device has hit the road, and since then it works without any problem - powerful, fast, very reliable, long lasting battery. It is a great pleasure to use it, even after all these years. I did not use the physical keyboard much, but it is excellent. Memory does not serve as a limitation in any way. BlackBerry apps are incredibly productive. How do we say that? Device for generations.

  • Yipz

Anyone tried this phone in 2020? I like the idea of physical keyboard but not sure how good 3GB of ram will be nowadays.

  • Azula

After a month of using it, it doesn't work anymore. The screen went all black, but the phone is working the keyboard's light can turn on but the screen just went all black.

  • Arif

It may be slow now days

  • Mr John

I'm testing this device...

  • Bala

Yes really reliable. The best of all the phones I had and still love it though I have Sony Xperia and Galaxy Note 10

  • Anonymous

I have had the device for over five years and I am not ready to replace it, not yet. All his childhood illnesses are gone, and he works excellently, without glitches., Does not get stuck and does not hesitate and does not stutter - absolute reliability. The sound is fantastic, the keyboard is outstanding, unique in its generation, the battery lasts a whole day and more ... Common sense says that there is no reason to replace it with any other Chinese device.

Auggiedoggy, 10 Feb 2020Is this the last phone manufactured by the original Blackbe... moreYes it is

Med, 15 May 2020Hi. I am looking for a phone with physical keyboard. I alre... moreThe Priv, although running an outdated and less secure version of Android in some respects, will be much more usable app-wise than the Passport. BB10 OS has been effectively rendered null as of this year by BlackBerry, so the Passport won't be able to do much, and web browsing on it is becoming less useful with more updated versions of HTML becoming less usable on it.

  • Akhil

Jayesh, 17 Feb 2020After 3 years I m facing battery heating problem in chargin... moreAlso priv in the hangging problems and battery is very heating problem after 1 year

  • Anonymous

Med, 15 May 2020Hi. I am looking for a phone with physical keyboard. I alre... moreThe passport is way better to type on! Also many people love that it is square in design, which works better for emails and sheets. The Priv has android, though and old version. Also it has more screen if you don't need to type.
If you only need it for work and don't care for the missing updates on BOTH devices, I'd recommend the passport.