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komail, 16 Aug 2021my blackberry is not updating (system update) what to do... moreBro... Blackberry are very old. So thier software update is end noe

  • komail

my blackberry is not updating (system update)

what to do
can any one help please
thank you

  • Anonymous

John, 12 Jun 2021While I'm not a big fan of horizontal QWERTY keyboard,... moreI think you got something wrong about the QWERTY keyboard. It's not horizontal, it's vertical. Horizontal keyboard is something you see on a Motorola Droid 4 or Photon Q and Planet Computers Astro Slide 5G Transformer.

  • Farfacari

Jay1977efc, 18 Jun 2021Sounds like you had a faulty deviceThe sound is very good. Possibly your device is refurbished, faulty or not original

soryn, 04 Jun 2021Beautiful but very bad phone with an astronomical price too... moreSounds like you had a faulty device

  • John

While I'm not a big fan of horizontal QWERTY keyboard, I do love the sliding screen mechanism. It really does give a flexibility between all-screen usage and occasional physical keyboard typing. I definitely hope that there will be a second generation edition of Priv with SD 870 or SD 888 chipset, dual wide/ultrawide camera setup, and a headphone jack. I would so love to buy one.

Really need a Priv 2 with upgraded specs of course , it will be a hit for sure as Priv had both touch typing and physical keyboard plus its display was ahead of time which was terrific.

Love It, 23 Apr 2021Just got a BlackBerry Priv and loving it everything runs so... moreWireless charging only those made for North America! In Europe you will not have LTE 4G on them!

Beautiful but very bad phone with an astronomical price too! Not even properly used it and died completely one night: no led, no recharge, nothing anymore! And when using it became hot, rebooting alone, could not update even some basic apps from Play Store incl. google as it was not anymore compatible! And nobody in service here will repair it, told me possible is a motherboard issue, but battery OK. Real BB phones and not those too expensive and bad running android OS became only a nice memory for me!

  • zlatankap

The design of this phone is perfect. the first day I saw it I ordered it automatically. BUT SURPRISINGLY beneath this beautiful skin lays an interminable list of issues:

-The battery life is so short that it dies within a couple of hours (around 3h).
-The phone heats so much that you sometimes think it gonna explode in your hands.
-The phone struggles too much to connect internet datas where other phones succeed quickly.
Actually it's the worst investment ever: It's totally USELESS.

  • Love It

Just got a BlackBerry Priv and loving it everything runs so smooth on its great if u don't what to use the keyboard all the time BUT NOTE SOME VERSIONS DO NOT HAVE WIRELESS CHARGING E.G. STV100-4

  • Anonymous

there should be blackberry priv 2.

  • Anonymous

I wonder why blackberry still having manually botton ,the company should work on it ,so that they can let the keyboard be on display,I like the phone from day one

  • Matt

One of the worst phones I've ever had. Problems from the day one.

Battery lasts for less than a day with normal use. When watching youtube or scrolling facebook the battery goes from full to empty in 3 hrs. Authorised service are saying the battery performance is comparable to other Priv's (it seems the high resolution is REALLY draining the battery).

After a few months problems with the sound emerged and were fixed by an authorised service. The speaker was screaching, longer calls (15 min +) got disconnected without any reason.

Very slow performance and overheating issues couldn't be fixed and remain to this day.

After 1 year of use the "volume up" button stopped working properly (needs to be pressed really hard).
After screenshot is performed, the phone slows down, red-blue-yellow light starts to flash and a bug report appears.
Several times the phone "restarts" automatically (starts displaying triangle-circle-square symbols as if restart was performed), however doesn't require PIN to be entered in order to boot. After 3-4 minutes it seems to be functioning normally again.
If I get a call during this time, the caller thinks it's ringing and I don't answer. However, I don't get a missed call notification. And I have no chance of using it during those 3-4 minutes, not even for an emergency call.

Also, mobile data doesn't work abroad. And it's activated. In a different phone mobile data works normally so it isn't operator's fault. Couldn't be fixed.

Now I'm buying a new phone. This was my first and last Blackberry. Really looking forward to running it over with my car when the new phone arrives.

  • bob

MWC, 06 Dec 2020Bought it in 2016, still using it today. It is getting ap... moreSame here. Phone is still great and display is really good. Design is still modern. If this phone got android 7 I am sure that it will go for 2 more years. However, I am bored that it heats up and slows down. In the google maps I nearly wait 2-5 seconds each menu. Blackberry produced best phone to its date 4 years ago but they messed up with processor choice and lack of updates.

  • MWC

Bought it in 2016, still using it today. It is getting app can not be updated. Probably need to change phone soon. Phone still great, but SW and OS are getting old.

  • Anonymous

Arifin, 03 Nov 2020How I will collect BlackBerry Priv Original battery.We also want

  • Arifin

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2020Got the first one when it first appeared. Loved it so much,... moreHow I will collect BlackBerry Priv Original battery.

  • Anonymous

Yipz, 07 Oct 2020Anyone tried this phone in 2020? I like the idea of physica... moreGot the first one when it first appeared. Loved it so much, hunted another one down in 2019 and bought it, along with spare batteries. Considering that nobody is making them like this anymore, I'm hunting down another one now in 2020.

  • Vicky T

Yipz, 07 Oct 2020Anyone tried this phone in 2020? I like the idea of physica... moreI bought it in 2017 still using it, facing difficulty running apps. Not worth buying it in 2020