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Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Almost 1 weekmine last about 12 hours.

  • ASP

greatest bberry thoug mousepad is missing, design epic fail. YOU CAN HAVE WASAP IN THIS ONE!!

  • Anonymous

BB-fan, 17 Apr 2019Hello.You can't update your Q10,because BB10 has no more support... morealso. BB has said that they will support bb10 until 2020, but not so much for the newer priv.

  • Anonymous

BB-fan, 17 Apr 2019Hello.You can't update your Q10,because BB10 has no more support... morelmao i'm literally updating my sqn100-1 to 10.3.3 RIGHT NOW

  • Guest

freeman, 09 Apr can i update my q10The latest BB10 OS is the (April 4, 2018)­=10.3&submit=Search

  • BB-fan

freeman, 09 Apr can i update my q10Hello.You can't update your Q10,because BB10 has no more support,and now this OS is a legacy of Blackberry.If you want a phone with fully OS support,it's better for you to go on to the latest BB phone,like Key2 or Key2 LE,which you can access to all the application that you want.Thank you.

  • Dragon Breath Hate 1

Dragon Breath, 25 Feb 2019Your comment sucks, I bet you're one of those people who wants a... moreNay, I remind you, the Blackberry Q10 is a 4G device, only operating on HSPA. This is a phone released in 2013, when 3G was still an option, using a quad-core processor. Blackberries, especially of this variant, aren't performance monsters. Even the Blackberry KeyOne is rocking a Snapdragon 630, and not the most powerful chip at the time, the 835. And if I were you, I wouldn't use such harsh language about people on the internet. You might say or do something you're going to regret.

  • freeman can i update my q10

  • Bala

I have put my 4g sim , Network is showing but incoming and outgoing calls are not working

  • Dragon Breath

Bird, 20 Jan 2019Overall a good phone,a bit slugish but hardware sucks...sim card... moreYour comment sucks, I bet you're one of those people who wants a stupidly fast octa-core cpu in a phone.

  • melo86

I`m a blackberry user for about 5 years i started using the Curve 8520 its a good phone then i switched to Z10 for upgrade after that i miss the classic touch of blackberry classic designed keyboards that`s why i shift to Q10 Gold Edition but as far as enjoy using it. There` s always this Blackberry I`D that keeps on Popping and telling that is required i made a Blackberry account different from my Z10 to my previous Q10 after a year it came again. I register again the same I`D for my Q10 but it tells me that the Password and Username is incorrect so i decided to delete my account to my email and blackberry I`D every time i use my Q10 it keeps on popping and telling to have my Blackberry Account. Up until now the Memory card that i`m using to my phone cannot detect by my device i remove and insert my Memory 5 times for phone to read then phone will heat as HELL so i decide to drop my Poor Blackberry Q10 to the floor the Battery pops out together with the sim card and memory card.

  • Bird

BB-fan, 21 Dec 2018Hello sir.Whatsapp did not have more support on BB10 devices,but... moreOverall a good phone,a bit slugish but hardware sucks...sim card reader very very damn bad done

  • BB-fan

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2018Can this bb take whatsappHello sir.Whatsapp did not have more support on BB10 devices,but you must download the android version of whatsapp to use it,and you must see how it works.Overall it's better for to go on a BB android device like Key2 or Key2 LE,to access to all application that you want.Thank you.

  • Ricko

Am still using this one, whatsapp telegram and some of android app run smooth, and dont forget the to type with it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 May 2018I still use my Q10,works well for me,don"t use much apps.Calls,S... moreCan this bb take whatsapp

  • BB-fan

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2018Blackberry, PLEASE do a re-make of this phone, with the same loo... moreHello sir.Yes,the Q10 was a great device,but actually android did not support a 1:1 aspect ratio.But with the releasing of foldable phone,maybe TCL will released a similar design.Overall for now the Key2 and Key2 LE,are the best BB possible .Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Blackberry, PLEASE do a re-make of this phone, with the same look and form factor (including screen to keys ratio, exchangeable battery etc). Just update the systems a bit (processor, camera) and have it run vanilla Android. It would be the PERFECT phone!

  • Anonymous

i wish bb could be updating Os 10 up to jesus return on earth coz i dnt wana lose this 4ne please bb just keep launching new os, me i dnt give a damn bout whatsapp as long as it operates i'm just cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucky

BB Lover, 14 May 2018After nearly 3 years going from one cheap Android to the other, ... moreBlackberry Q10 is 4G mobile , but it's supported in INDIA

  • Retrograde*

A lil overview of the device as I've been using it since quite some time now, over 3 years just to give you an idea.
Considering I bought a refurbished device, it pretty much amazes me till now as to how smooth the phone works. I've been playing asphalt 8 airborne, which runs flawlessly with little to no lag.
Battery life had never been an issue for me, it could go for a full day with a single charge and still left to spare around 23-30%, even if you're a heavy user you won't be disappointed with the battery, however I did notice a drop in it's performance when talking about the battery life though, but then again, it's been well over 3 years and I'm still using it as my primary device.
To keep it short here are my ratings:
display - 9\10
rear camera - 8\10
front camera - 7\10
fluency of the phone (performance) - 9\10
battery life - 8\10
durability - 10\10