BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry Q5

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  • ahmad amir

Woow! Nice.. I really like blackberry design. I am qwerty pad hard fan u know. If it cost is cheap. I think I want buy it now! This design look great!

  • AnonD-145659

Impressive difference, unique, simply,
Indonesian people will really wait and fall-in-love for it.
BlackBerry largest market is in Indonesia :D.
but take notes, if the price (youngster)is suitable with spesifications.

  • coded max

BB already know dey av issues wit batteries and yet dey still build phones with non removable batteries? Abah why na? Wat is wrong if the battery of this phone is user accessible? It should av been a removable batterry in my own opinion.

  • talente

people just hate blackberry for nothing,,,,these phones r nice...and we should understand they wont last forever

  • AnonD-34098

2100 battery ! Very efficient for a 3.1 inch screen and such specifications ! will last long probably

  • Benoy

Nokia should learn from Blackberry, samsung and motorola to make good looking and compact qwerty phones with large screens. Nokias all qwertys are ugly, bulky with small screen and bad keypads.Better ones are e5 and asha 210.

  • Rronald_25

If not because of the news regarding BB10 cross platform, I might consider this as my secondary phone. Now I just need to wait until summer to install BB10 on my N7100.
The only reason my secondary phone is Bold 9780 is because R10 is too f***ing expensive (not worth it) & I need BB to communicate with all my friends in Indonesia, Malaysia & India, other than that it almost useless.

  • Anonymous

wow.........the battery is not removable.........not good at all. Once the battery has a problem, that's the end of the phone.

  • Chirag

I am waiting for this BB....move blackberry .... Keep it up...

  • SonyFan

Even if I'm SonyFan this phone is wonderful designed!

  • AnonD-104517

how much would it cost approximately?? i wanna buy it as a secondary phone... looks amazing n above that i wanna use BB10 OS, as i've never used any BB phone in the past...

  • Guishe

Ohhhh!!! I like it!!

  • ahmed

Wow this is a great design from bb. Cant wait to use it

  • diezel

Atlast, the much awaited qwerty and touch, with bb OS, at an affordable price,,,

  • AnonD-25398

Nice design

  • Phone fanatic

So can't wait for the q5 hope we will not be disappointed by blackberry. Pixel density is great though Screen size is amazing.

  • AnonD-134061

I think it will be very good

  • AnonD-133243

Looks promissing, a midrange bbos10, nice. For the right price it'll grab some hearts