BlackBerry starts rolling out August patch to its Android phones

Himanshu, 15 August 2017

BlackBerry has announced that it has started pushing out the latest security update (August patch) to its Android smartphones. As is usually the case, the announcement came in the form of a tweet from the company's Security Incident Response Team.

The update is currently only hitting units purchased through ShopBlackBerry, the company's online store. If you bought your Android-powered BlackBerry from a retailer or carrier, the patch may arrive a bit late.

Mostly, Priv and KEYone units are getting the update, as per reports. A quick look at comments on the tweet embedded above also reveals several complains about DTEKs not getting security update on time. Let's hope things get better from now on.

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Reader comments

  • Eske Rahn

Well on "The update is currently only hitting units purchased through ShopBlackBerry" This is not entirely true... I got an unlocked AT&T Priv, and when used outside the reach of AT&T's network it gets unbranded updates too since the f...

  • musa ogajuma

wonderful im so glade to see it and how did it go as in price

  • ganu

so good loock and very barnd stors

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