BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500

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  • KG

Didnt purchase the iPhone because there was a newspiece on gsmarena that there was a Blackberry Thunder on the way which would be all touch. 9500 seems to be a bulls eye for all corporate touchscreen phone aspirants.

does anyone have any inkling as to the pricing of this phone?

  • dinhhair

all I be waiting from RIM is that phone and could anyone tell me when it out ......very hard to wait to put it on my hand

  • GuessBoy

Just too bad they didn't put a front camera for the 3G call.
Even i don't use it too much but it nice to have it as this option is so cheap to install on a headset now a days

  • Rahul

I thought this phone was going to be a Verizon (CDMA) locked. It does say it is a Quad GSM, so does this mean that it would be available as a GSM phone in some places in the world?

  • techfuel.wordpress.c

i dont know why the hell they dont provide a beeter screen..65k is passe...they have to move on..
but the best part is cpu 624 Mhz and ram 192 MB...thats freakin'llopen a new gateway in the coming devices for better and faster processing !!!

  • Ravel

Wow another blackberry device, they just keep getting better and better each time. can't wait to get the 9000 and the 9500.

  • Anonymous

wi-fi a/b/g ??? what is a/b/g

  • Jeetu N95 8GB

I have seen comments from few folks that "this would be my next phone" on almost every new release, my question to these guys- are you running any store or something, getting all the new phones

  • Damen

The storm looks like strong player. Will it bet the other phone on the market or will it bet down apple I phone?

  • Jeetu N95 8GB

Kapil, 26 Sep 2008U r the 1st but when i read the reviews u r the, awesome

  • Kapil

lee, 26 Sep 20081st! reyy awesome phone!U r the 1st but when i read the reviews u r the last...........

  • kachijack

This gadgets is sure gonna be of the hook, imagine the combination of HTML, Photocall, HSDPA coupled with the BlackBerry speciality. go RIM.............

  • Jeetu N95 8GB


  • Anonymous

wwwwwwooowww man balckberry is on fire man.... damn thats a gorgeous phone man....

  • annu

now black berry is after iphone.
the more the things change the more they remain the same

  • tech fanatic

romeo, 26 Sep 2008the best competitor to Samsung Omnia - the one of the best. The... moreBB storm Vs. samsung omnia interesting but not right...don't you know about something called NOKIA 5800 XP
i think it will be the perfect rivals

p.s. i hope this will not requaier the BB servic...and the first pkotos were much better

  • Naga

Thatīs great. I was realy expecting something like that. I received one to test, from Rim, and itīs realy great.

  • tech fanatic

Shashank, 26 Sep 2008Finally something Beautiful from the Blackberry stable. Looks gr... moredid you forget about the bold

  • Anonymous

Does it come with a stylus?? Can you write your input in?? Pity no fm radio.

  • romeo

the best competitor to Samsung Omnia - the one of the best.
The huge advantage is big LCD, relatively high resolution and camera flash