BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500

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  • eric muzvidziwa

i have a solution,why cant you jus visit the bin next to u and throw it for good

  • Tj

well the screen is not that good. plus incase of repairs just be damn sure its the last time you ever use it comfortably.
Worst ever.

  • eric muzvidziwa

this was the worst phone i have ever took time updating.poor battery life.gott a wifi option but cant connect.the screen is not that strong.3 out of 10.maybe its because i expected more

  • Priyesh

PRASAD, 10 Feb 2014My blackberry doesnt allows me to show call list well. I cant di... moreEven i am having the same issue with my bb 9500.


My blackberry doesnt allows me to show call list well. I cant dial from the dial list since it is not coming on at all.

Please halp... :)

  • li ganu kemah

how suppose to do when to add wifi application into this phone?please reply...urgent...


from trinidad and tobago cannot connect to flow internet

  • AnonD-202736

mboro na balo wifi sto blackberry

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2013I'm using the Blackberry Storm 9500 in Nigeria but when I make a... moreThe +86 is china code , look for Nigerian +234 , then you can call and send Sms.

  • Morkel

While I'm typing it freezes but the buttons Work. Any help?

  • Mestybrown

Any software I can install to get WIFI? If there any, pls inbox me with the details

  • vodafone


  • Motho

Worst phone ever! Battery can last for only two minutes when fully charged

  • abidal

is there a software that i can install to get wifi on bb 9500? pls if there is let us know

  • abidal

i cant understand the language u guys are wrote.well the phone is not that ok cos it has no wifi and radio.

  • Anonymous

it is a blackberry fail , even them are a shame for it


martha, 29 Mar 2013i once hide my picture without the use of memory card i tried a... morei think this brand its not good becaus no have wifi and radio

  • Anonymous

am finding problems downing

  • shally

am finding problems downloading

  • Anonymous

I'm using the Blackberry Storm 9500 in Nigeria but when I make a call from my Contacts List, it will automatically add +86 to the number and will not go through. Secondly, the cost of sending a text to any network in Nigeria is N4 but the phone charges me N15 as if I'm sending the text to somebody that is outside Nigeria. Please what do I do to correct this because it's always very frustrating?