BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670

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  • Dabson

Boka, 07 Aug 2016I really wish BlackBerry 9670 also comes up in India.Yeah, i really wish too in Nigeria.

  • Djz

Bad option as a phone, it was a great style but an awful OS.

AnonD-686889, 24 Jul 2017I'm searching this phone in Dhaka, Bangladesh.Well, I'm sorry, but you are just unable to. This phone is exclusive to the Sprint network (which is foreign to you, if you really are in Dhaka, Bangladesh).

  • AnonD-686889

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2016I am from Mumbai, India. I would to buy an Blackberry Style 9670... moreI'm searching this phone in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  • ajju

i want to buy this phone

  • Anonymous

I am from Mumbai, India. I would to buy an Blackberry Style 9670. Are they available. If they are could you give me more details on it. would be obliged.
Thank you,
Ajay Singh Chauhan

  • Boka

I really wish BlackBerry 9670 also comes up in India.

  • sagar

That's my heart

  • vikash

i would like to buy a brand new blackberry curve 8520. please tell me from where can i buy it.

  • kelu123

I just want to know if it is possible to find in colombia. to buy

  • garet

indonesia (bali)

  • Dipa

i want blackberry 9670 2015. how can i buy it

  • Anonymous

Where can I buy a new blackberry style? I love flip phones

  • India

In which country can I find this brand new phone now in 2015?

  • OK2LA

I love my Style! I'm continually amazed that the quality of its 5MP camera blows away my Nikon P90 12.1MP camera! Amazingly, my Nikon's photos are blurry with in-accurate color compared with my Style's photos which are super crisp, sharp and with perfect color rendition! I stopped using my Nikon soon after getting my Style; it's all I use for photos now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2014The style 9670 is a beautiful looking phone, but it should be av... moreGSM needed

  • Anonymous

this is am awsome phone, its just not people friendly at first,but as time goes by, its easy.i love my black berry i want to by the purple one, i like flip phones

  • Anonymous

i love my 9670 at first i didnt and i had to come back to the phone and get to kn0w it.amd im glad i did,the only external riff i have with this phone is picture taken, and you will see there are other complaints w/o getting into it.i dont use all the apps it came with,and when i do decide to use them, they are in the phone any time.i like my phone alot.still learning things about it...i just wish that there were more of a variety pf cases for the phone

  • Anonymous

The style 9670 is a beautiful looking phone, but it should be available in GSM and unlocked.

  • sexytt

this is the must uglyest blackberry that i have ever seen in my life it please remove it from the view list.
ordered by tiana herself.