BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670

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  • Anonymous

arghh i wanna get it !! Dose anybody know if they will release it in GSM?

  • me.trinique

the first BlackBerry i actually love an it's not a GSM phone...damn

  • dur dawood

I really want 2 get BB 9670 looks cute iam waiting in saudia arabia hope it will cum soon with GSM version....

  • sagar

plz launch in india also as well as soon it's to cool

  • Anonymous

ohhh it's such a girly phone. and only CDMA? :(


When will this phone be available in South Africa?

  • Azmoray

please we need a gsm version guys

  • A. Lither

I love the black one.. i really want to get this.. but the only carrier i've seen that has this is sprint. i'm hoping that verizon will have this phone soon!! :)

  • khushbo

please launch the gsm version

  • Anonymous

please dont release a gsm one the last thing i want to see is this ugly and tacky looking blackberry when im out

  • Sohaib

Now that is one UGLY cell there! What happened to BB's all professional touch? That looks more like that makeup kit chics have in their bags!

  • nesma

Please release GSM version, i like it very much.

  • sania

please launch the gsm version............

  • kramnik

Hope the GSM version is released soon :(

  • John looks so odd to me

  • Max

bigi, 12 Nov 2010its a gay phonelol crazy loool

  • Anonymous

it shud also hv bn 4 GSM card.....!!!!

  • yuliana

hope the GSM version will release soon.. really like this phone!

  • yaniko

hope GSM will release soon ~ ~ ~

  • n79

This phone unit looks good! and I'm wondering how much does it cost in the market today?... can anyone help me out regarding my concern?... Can you convert the price into US Dollar?... Thank you