BlackBerry Style 9670

BlackBerry Style 9670

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  • eve


  • Salfwaanker

I say this is a sxy fne n i wud like to hve it n touch it up n bbm is good to find fit gyals n post ur pin bbez lol

  • Anonymous

I think this has quite a nice design which has some practical aspects. Only problem is the camera is fixed focus and the battery weaker than the Torch. So other than price why would one buy this in preference to the Torch?

  • neptune

looks ugly...

  • brynn

Matt, 08 Oct 2010exactly what I've been waiting for: qwerty clamshell smartphone ... moreMe too but i am uk so it wont work unless they bring out gsm version..

  • gadget freak

what did RIM do? I'll stay with the design of bold. I hope for RIM's sake, this BB unit will sell.

  • Anonymous

i believe samsung and lg and not nokia that will be the first to come out with idetical design with android os to compete with this one. nokia is so slow to react nowadays. china brand phone are even faster in copying this design.

  • Matt

exactly what I've been waiting for: qwerty clamshell smartphone

I have a nokia e72 and I always wish it could just fold in half so the screen wouldn't be in danger, and it would fit in pockets easier.

hopefully this catches on and Nokia makes one like it as well

  • strawberry

reminds me of a compact powder...

  • KnightNL

Ok, this phone look big ass weird:|

  • expert

by far wierdest looking however great speks

  • Draco Maldito

The most cheap design for this new generation.

  • Andy Satria Gunawan

Freakest design i ever find

  • Anonymous

I prefered the previous design

  • Anonymous


Herewith proof (I think of a flash) for addition to the specs please.­ion-shots-of-blackberry-clamshell-9670/

  • Anonymous

Blackberries are well behind the time with their specs FACT. Now the interesting thing is not all of us need a high spec device, but do need data security and a practical design. A phone, with sms, organiser, decent camare with flash and GPS is enough. Forget all the apps you will never use them. Put all the needs together fold it in half and here you have a perfectly functional device.
GSMarena don't report it has a flash, but others do

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

thank you very much RIM my prayers have been answered the new bb flip. I'm so exited i cant wait to get my hands on it

  • Anonymous

This is a practical device as the screen and keyboard, the most delicate of items, save some contributors to GSMarena, are protected, don't need locks and then when working the earpiece is next to your ear, the mouth piece where it should be. Nver mind about the vaniety of the looks luvvies, this is a functional phone.

  • Hasnain

what's wrong with blackberry,are they going in the past?
It would be better if they use mirror instead of LCD ,
perhaps this will makes some sense.