BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

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  • Wilky

It's good one since have a lot of things in general

  • Anonymous

loved the phone when i first bought it. loved the qwerty keypad. its a good fone even though i had so many problems with the blackberry app world. was the best fone at the time but i wouldnt ever go back to blackberyy again even though i used to love bbm. the battery life is very poor too,. a good 100 percent charge wouldnt even last me half a day even though i haredly used my fone most day.

  • Coolie

I had this phone for almost a year now. Its a 2010 model, and works well. Negatives about this phone are you can charge it until its 100% full, within 20 minutes battery will drain, and shut off. The torch shuts on and off when ever it desires, answers calls whenever. You may need to take out the battery and restart it a couple times if this occurs. Over all its an alright phone for now

  • junakbornil

i rally like ...............

  • mrlovebug

ishu, 25 Sep 2013sir I have this phone. I want to sale my Bb 9800. I want to chan... moreIshu......I wanna buy!

  • christophrswh@gmail.

is quietly good to be call touch but upgrade the OS be more compactly work like android and iphone appications run.

  • bothie(zim)

Am lvng thc fon.user friendly plus a very powerful camera.oohh yea ts worth to b called a TORCH

  • ishu

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2013love this phone problem,its nowhere to be found please help...sir I have this phone. I want to sale my Bb 9800. I want to change my phone.

  • AnonD-190022


Ive had the blackberry torch for over 16 months and i must say this cant get any worse.
If you forget the fact the battery is awful and wont last over 6 hours, you then have to take into account the fact it cuts out calls, deletes your information, turns itself off when it fancies!

Do i even need to mention the poor quality and the fact it sends electric shocks from the mic when you put it on charge.

The only good thing about this phone it that it is nearly indestructible! ive dropped it many times and its even vibrated itself into the bath, it still lives on....... (ish)

  • Anonymous

love this phone problem,its nowhere to be found please help...

  • A

Best mobile ever.

  • Joey

Jus perfect for my what blackberry is doing...kudos

  • vikram jangir

body reparing

  • Motog

My first had screen tearing problems and would "hang" or not turn on or not respond to the touch.
I returned it to my (online) supplier and they sent another.
I have the same problem but the supplier is ignoring me.
I'm very unimpressed with blackberry and Luvyourphone.

  • R@khi

One of awesme SMARTPHONE for business tycoonz.........

  • sawood shaikh

waw so nice bbm im so exiced always i use this phone

  • casanova

awesome handset yaar mind blowing luv it

  • Rahmanadya

I Love It !!
It works well in any orders,,
Its perfectly what I need,,

  • do not buy this

its crap... slow, cant multitask at all, no apps at all, slow browser, allways laggy, screen isnt the best too, im a businessman and i thought this will suit me... well i was wrong, go with an iPhone.. dont buy this...

  • mack

Teexzy, 28 Aug 2013How do u crack a blackberry i cannot use the internet access