BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

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  • Vlad

Is it possible to keep the 9800 in a 9700 holster/case I dont realy know the word for it in English , I read the size of the phone is almoast exactly the same as 9700 but it could slip out , did any body tried?

  • beshoooyyy

I need a help, which one should i buy Torch 9800 or Bold 9780 ?? pls respond

  • Anonymous

why am i unable to use this phone on prepaid?? i believe if i am able to buy the phone outright and i own it i should be able to use it how i want it whether it be on pre paid or not. please explain??

  • ahmaddbob

how do add an numbre from log list to name in contacts

  • AnonD-11262

does this phone able to make video calls??...secondary camera in front???

  • Anonymous

BlackBerry Torch 2 should be comming out soon

  • AnonD-8044

I have used torch and bold 9780 but using 9105 ATM.I am saving for BB9900 with double proccessor speed triple the RAM and new O/s 7.It has the original wide keypad of BOLD that BB fans want back as well.

  • AnonD-8044

nhed_18, 16 Jun 2011Hi BB fanatics! i just got my BB torch yesterday. i was satisfie... moreOnly your network operator can help you..Right here in UK you have to go on a BB plan this gives you 500mb data plus free always BB messaging and so on..No one can do this for you you must contact your provider of your network..In uk its 5 GBP a month which is superb value and you dont worry about stuff because BB/RIM look after you.

This is how it works,,BB in canada have huge very,very,very,secure servers and your BB plan pays for this..All your emails the lot go through RIMs servers..All heads of state and millions of companys use this service,no one has ever broke into these servers.

  • Anonymous

able to video call?

  • jamie

chris, 13 Jun 2011If you want better battery life, get the bold, if you want a bet... morehi Guys can suggest me which phone is better one either iphone4 or Torch Blackberry . i need to buy within 1 week

  • friday

want to buy one

  • e36owneruk

ive had my blackberry torch a couple of weeks used to have a nexus s would have to say the torch is the best its easy to use and set up ive had absolutly no probs with it at all the camera and video is excelent i have recomended it to my friends or any one else

  • nhed_18

Hi BB fanatics! i just got my BB torch yesterday. i was satisfied few hours after i bought it. Why? coz i cant maximaze the use of it using my sun broadband jut like the way i did with my iphone 3gs. I also registred in BB website to get some software, but cant seem to go thru. Ive created my accnt already but really cant get thru!!!! my torch is way too useless. TOO expensive if im gonna use it for just texting and music! Can somebody help me please set up my BB for web browsing and to download apps? thanks! I REALLY LOVE blackberry hopefully your help will redeem my overall impression with BB. Im hre in the Phil.

  • sdzvio

is the little circle in the top on the front the notification flash light thing?? that on mast others is like a line?

  • sa3akobe

I had this phone for 1 month and I'm completely satisfied with my new Torch. I was thinking to buy bold 9780 before, but after I tried my friend's Torch, I changed my mind, and get my own Torch.

Short Battery life ? well it's the consequences for having the perfect browsing, email & social network experience. I think it doesn't matter at all. If the battery fails, we'll get the new one =D

  • Kymmie

I bought a Torch about 2 months ago and it keeps on rebooting on its own. This is driving me nuts. Anyone can give me any pointers on how to solve this problem please..... I am in Jamaica

  • KMS

Could Anybody suggest that will that make a huge difference between the OS 6.0 of torch and OS 0.7 of Touch ?
IF so when is the touch expected to released and do they white color ?

  • Bella

The Torch is a GSM dual band phone. Please fix your specifications.

  • Torch Rules

Torch is faster it boots quicker. For it's touch sensitivity, go to your options and tweak it !

Great phone, tabbed browsing, shorter boot time, flash, 5Mp auto-focus ...

  • ERS!N

chris, 13 Jun 2011If you want better battery life, get the bold, if you want a bet... moreThanks Chris, one more question. Did u have any issue with Torch9800 for example, does it freeze or after using while performance gets slower or any other problem.?? and how long battery lasts for normal user... Thanks again...