BlackBerry Tour 9630

BlackBerry Tour 9630

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  • Spikey

I agree this phone is pointless but have RIM developed a creative block or something? The curve was half old curve half storm in design and this again is half storm half bold.
How about a fresh design that doesnt look like two existing handsets taped together?

  • Anonymous

it's a curve minus Wifi Plus 3G, Wow RIM reached the peak of their creativity with this phone

  • paula gray

can some one please explain wlan to me. thanx pg

  • paula g

what is wlan? can someone please explain, im not up on phones, cheers pg

  • Davey C

This device is basically an upgraded Bold 900.

So what;s the point of having both on the market, when the Curve 8900 can appeal to those not needing 3g?

Bold < Curve < Tour


Wlan no 3G is very important.

  • joe

come on blackberry, what are u playing at, u need to sort out these new phones, the curve is the only decent phone in the last few years. catch up blackberry.

  • wilz

I love this phone. it has everything i expect on a blackberry, except for the WLAN.

  • Anonymous

nice phone but wtf no wlan? :s

  • Anonymous

I don't understand who would by this phone,phone just looks better but his specifications are wors than curve 8900.

  • Anonymous

A phone that is targeting Business men without a WLAN is useless!

  • wael

hi wait for blackberry 9220 better

  • Anonymous

no wlan

  • maluco

awesome..n beauty

  • Anonymous

please shut this unit down.
they are targeting the Executive class and have excluded the Wi-Fi and instead of it have put a 3MP camera.
Shud we start taking pictures from Blackbery instead of getting the Connectivity?

  • rhenz

Its a old school toy

  • Anonymous

No WiFi... Whats' the point? 9000 Bold & 8900 Curve still better than this one

  • ha

first !