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  • MCS

julie oloye, 27 Aug 2014Pls sir I didn't know either the phone support memory card becau... morehallo there. Before downloading anything make sure that the internal memory has enough space or your downloading size(MBs) is equivalent to your available internal space . Then you can perform your downloading. After the downloading process has completed transfer it to memory card and delete the one remaining in the internal space for future download,because what you download doesn't go straight to memory card, it always goes to internal memory.

  • AnonD-279492

Remesh I purchased the z3 from Mobile Store yesterday. Thanks a lot for U and GSMArena Users for the valuable feedback in my doubts.

  • Dzee

TJ, 24 Aug 2014Hi guys, I wanna knw if bbz3 it has a bis? Plz helpNo,the Z3 does not support buy youer normal volume bundles..

  • aman

AnonD-67387, 22 Jun 2014BlackBerry 10 as an os doesn't lag except on very few occasions.... moreCan anyone tell why I can't install can I install uc browser and other app

  • AnonD-39417

Bought dis fone on 23rd of august after using a Q5 for d past 10 months & I must confess dat it's a gud buy.

The first impression I had was about its build quality, I can say dat dis is d most well built fone from blackberry & it's far better Dan all other BB10 fones in terms of build quality. I also noticed dat d ba3 last much much longer Dan dat if Q5.

Though the OS still needs more tweaking cos I noticed d bluetooth misbehaves most times. I also noticed a little lag & I bliv it's as a result of d low ram or firmware not fully optimized for its spec

As for those who have been able to install d beta build of 10.3 on their z3, would kindly share some screen shot or possible giv us a short video review, I eagerly want to c how dis fone wil handle 10.3

  • Z10

Well guys, i just bought it today, let see how it will be while usage and how faster and good it will be on applications response and processing....Cheeers with a good hope

  • Jexy

I want to know how the camera quality or blackberry z3

  • Anonymous

Innu, 27 Aug 2014How do I remove the camera icon at the bottom display bar? I oft... morei love

  • AnonD-282708

Avinash, 27 Aug 2014Hey folks, Is Z3 upgradable to Blackberry OS 10.3? Please re... moreyes , surely it s upgradable to 10.3, already i am running 10.3(leaked/Beta OS) on my z3, it is giving me an amazing experience, new UI, 8 active frames, rearrange setting options..lot more...

  • paramu

It is upgradable new release os?

  • Innu

How do I remove the camera icon at the bottom display bar? I often touch it with out knowing and activate the camera which is very inconvenient and wasting the battery charge.

  • shehkar

julie oloye, 27 Aug 2014Pls sir I didn't know either the phone support memory card becau... moreDear julie oloye Z3 has internal momory of 8Gb and external upto 32Gb ok need need use minimum 16 Gb card than see what happen if it still not working than kindly

  • julie oloye

praneeth, 25 Aug 2014Yes u can use with normal net packs. no need of blackberry servi... morePls sir I didn't know either the phone support memory card because my my phone in reject my memory card I did know what happened for it Pls tell me reason?i put memory card of 32gb on it, I download large game he said he memory is full Pls what is the problem Pls abeg Pls help me solve it.

  • AnonD-171488

Specs are all the same with BlackBerry Q5... DualCore 1.2ghz that can be pushed to 1.6ghz with Adreno 305 which is better for qHD screen...

  • Avinash

Hey folks,
Is Z3 upgradable to Blackberry OS 10.3? Please reply as I am in an urge to book Z3 today.

  • Mo

Does it take BIS Honestley ?

  • shallu


please update the price of mobile with spescification.


AnonD-294643, 25 Aug 2014how can I order blackberry z3?Nice

  • Abhay

Nomsa31, 24 Aug 2014I love my bbz3 but I'm not able to setup my webmail account, ple... moreWhat do u mean by webmail?
Exchange acc or POP/IMAP acc

Add me on BBM 24c42857

  • TrustedD

Phone is nice, camera is good with close range objects. But always difficult with bluetooth during file receiving, You will be needing to continually touch the phone screen to keep the light on, cos when the light of the screen off, the transfer is terminated. Need to improve on this.