BlackBerry Z3

BlackBerry Z3

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  • coded max

God in heaven bless BB ceo for hearing the cry of BB fans. Thanks for Both d Z5 and Q20. God bless u. With Q20 am coming back to BB for sure cuz bbm on Android is not as real as on BB, as for me.

  • omar

AnonD-210607, 25 Feb 2014With better specs than the Galaxy Grand, if this phone really wi... moreWell, you're in luck, because it's going to sell for less than 200 without contract and probably free on contract!

  • AnonD-8044

There is a Q20 flagship on way with proper buttons and qwerty button keys....

  • Bond

WOW, i love this specs that much !

  • WCM

super.... i m waiting.....waiting

  • AnonD-210607

With better specs than the Galaxy Grand, if this phone really winds up being sold around 250, with a solid 5 inch screen this phone would get blackberry back on track ...

  • AnonD-237537

I like this phone. Balckberry Jakarta, right~!

  • 1st comment

must buy

  • 1 st comment

Must Buy

  • Anonymous

Blackberry give up!

  • yo

nice from blackberry

  • tauha

Not for the core business users. But well bounce back to grape the users in developing countries of ASEAN. Nothing much impressive but its design. Sharp edges remind Nokia lumia versions.

  • RDJ

For less than $200, this phone is great value for money.