BLU Quattro 5.7 HD

BLU Quattro 5.7 HD

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  • Krishna K

Does his phone come with a warranty in India? Is yes does, what it the period and is it a manufacture's warranty or a retailer's warranty? Please reply.

  • AnonD-155324

I have the Quattro 5.7 and it takes a normal sized sim. The cell is fantastic for the price and I am very pleased with the over all product.

  • Dan

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2013What size sim card does this use? Mini- or micro-?I heard the 4.5 hd is normal sim so probably the same

  • Anonymous

What size sim card does this use? Mini- or micro-?

  • ajitsanj

vikash, 12 Mar 2013ya i m also looking for this but not found. if u got this from a... moreyou can buy online. see below link­-hd-unlocked-black.html#.UaOUs0D-Ibw

  • LDeCandy

For all who own this phone, can you please tell me is this phone have an LED light indicator that blinks if either a call or a text message is missed or received?

  • AnonD-83579

Any owners of this device care to do a quick review on youtube? just list pros and cons you found after using for while. English please. You may attract the attention of developers and get custom roms and updates by doing this.

  • Amanda

I recently bought a Quattro 5.7 and am having difficulty finding a case that will fit this phone. If anyone knows where I can find one for a reasonable price please let me know!

  • Anonymous

This phone is not $299 any where. More like $368+

  • Aldous

I love mine! Great battery life, plenty of performance, great cameras, and it's big, bold, and vivid!

  • Anonymous

Their is no details about quattro 5.7 hd in the official site of blu.

  • mukesh sharma

nadeem, 11 Mar 2013i waittting in pakistanwhat will you do with this phone there is no 3G network in pak so use nokia basic phones only...

  • AnonD-135520

is it available in india. if yes plz do temme abt online stores as well as its availability in delhi ncr... thanx a lot in advance!!!

  • neo

AnonD-129808, 27 Mar 2013common im in iraq and igot this awsom phone for just 285$..@ iseaskim where did u get the phone according to my sources the shipment is delayed ???

  • Anonymous

AnonD-129808, 27 Mar 2013common im in iraq and igot this awsom phone for just 285$..iseaskim could U tell me from where can i buy it in Iraq?

  • king

does blu quatter 5.7 hd phone be able to use skyepe video. thanks

  • Anonymous

If anyone knows where to get this cell please email me.
I would like to buy one new.

  • Groma Kakolo

Hello. Companies which sell cheaper cellphones such as Blu cellphones are the best. They need to go global and be well known throughout everywhere.

  • AnonD-129808

common im in iraq and igot this awsom phone for just 285$..

  • Gasim

AnonD-128059, 23 Mar 2013It is supposed to come out at the end of March for $299 in the u... moreI will go for it, is there any client/supplier here in Monrovia, Liberia? What is his/her address and phone number? Please