BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

BLU Studio 7.0 LTE

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  • Max

They need to make a high end iteration of this device with 1440X2560 display, 4GB RAM, Snapdragon 820 processor and upgraded camera with 4K recording capability and better battery. I'm quite sure such a new iteration of this model will give a lots of phablets and tablets quite a competition.

  • Max

All it needs is a 2GB RAM.

  • Megs

I only got my phone two months have never fallen or got wet .while speaking to someone the volume suddenly went. I have tried all the settings concerning column and sound and went through everything else but the sound still does not come on. All other features still work perfectly. But I'm no hearing when it rings. I feel the vibrate and can hear the caller on the phone when I answer but the phone does not ring and the videos have no sound. Can I'm please get some explanation on what's going on with it. I love my phone and do no want to replace it. Thank you.

  • AnonD-513658

red, 27 Dec 2015Got it for Xmas, superb phone for the cost. Surprisingly bright... morewhere did you find case ??? I need one

  • AnonD-513658

Where are the cases for this phone !!!! I find it hard to believe they cannot be found ????

  • Tasha

i need a case for my phone do they even make any?

  • jimmyJOHNjim

AnonD-499439, 10 Feb 2016I needed a phone that was tablet size, 7 inch seemed to fit my n... moreyou said your not a gamer or use your phone to watch movies..then why the bloody hell in this 2016 planet earth world would you need 7 inches on a display?? is it because you need a 7incher to replace your current 2incher ;)

  • AnonD-499439

I needed a phone that was tablet size, 7 inch seemed to fit my needs. Coming from a Nexus 6
I was willing to sacrifice some speed and screen dpi value. For $150.00 I'm quite satisfied with performance . I don't watch movies on a phone or a gamer at all. The Nexus 6 is a great device but it really surpassed my real life needs.
I may root the device in the future but as it is it's a basic android OS with very little crap ware.( hello Samsuck !) I have it setup using Action Launcher which complements the device nicely . I can see my Nexus 6 visiting Swappa very soon.

  • Anonymous

Beware it doesnt support ORANGE network 4G in band 3 at 1800mhz, only can use EDGE service with ORANGE

  • Time Traveler

Phone is excellent for the price. It does not have FM radio as stated by gsmarena.
The picture shows speaker grills on both ends. Only the bottom one is used for sound (movies, songs, etc.) Top is the ear piece. So without headphones it is mono.

  • Ivelisse

My phone is crazy, the prinscreen is in black and not respond. Please let me know how I fix this.

  • red

Got it for Xmas, superb phone for the cost. Surprisingly bright screen and fast, I really like it. And (I know a lot of people wonder this)--yes it fits in your pocket comfortably if you're a man of moderate to larger stature. It's (as of 12/2015) a pain to find a case for it though, fair warning.

  • not bad

not bad with the specs if you know how to valuate a device this will be a great cheap phablet with good specs

  • Jeet`

this is called to be a good phone.