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BLU Vivo XI+

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Vernie Black, 30 Apr 2019That's true no headphone jack but it comes with a little wh... moreIf your phone didn't come with the little white type C to stereo headphone adapter you can buy them at Walmart.
I use mine all the time it works great on headphones but the little white cord is easy to misplace so I bought an extra one the other day so I don't have to waste time looking for it if I do misplace it, which I know I will sooner or later....

    Bernie black, 30 Apr 2019I have that same phone and have been trying to get into the... moreThe wait is over Blu decided not to update this particular model with Verizon Sim capability. Will supposably quit working on most GSM service in January 2022 like ATT. I'm having hard time finding service that phone will still work on but there are a few smaller providers out there. The thing is they say that they work off the same towers so we'll see. I have Straight Talk service they say service won't work in about 2 weeks, so am changing now....

      Blu Eyes, 28 Aug 2020How can i get mine to upgrade to 9.0? it says it's up ... moreI have had same problem, contacted company several times was finally told the model I purchased was not available for upgrade to 9.0 Pie

        Blu Eyes, 28 Aug 2020How can i get mine to upgrade to 9.0? it says it's up ... moreno site da blu

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          • Wiza
          • F0y
          • 19 Apr 2021

          very nice phone wealthy the price fast internet everything is best with no issues.

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            • Anonymous
            • r3a
            • 29 Nov 2020

            Mine keeps restarting , a poor product you guys have done here, waste of money , waste of resources ....😑😑😑😑

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              • Supertech
              • 4SZ
              • 19 Sep 2020

              This feels just as fast as the Lg G7, and this phone is thinner than the G7 thinq.

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                • Supertech
                • 4SZ
                • 16 Sep 2020

                I have my navigation buttons hidden, you swipe that area wear the button was and it works as if the button is still there, saves screen space i really like that. The thinness is really nice, battery lasts quite a long time. Some good ringtones. Camera is a little weak but it was only about 300 brand new. Camera is ok but not real good so depends on your expectations.

                I don't think you will ever get android 10 on this one nobody is developing roms. 9 is the best you will get and stock only nothing custom.

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                  • SUpertech
                  • 4SZ
                  • 06 Sep 2020

                  I uploaded the Pie Update you can find the link to download it at XDA Site. YOU can cop the OTA file to the memory card and update from SD card to 9.0 Pie official release.

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                    • SuPERTECH
                    • 4SZ
                    • 04 Sep 2020

                    The phone is fast, plenty of ram and the processor is also very beefy. I bought a used demo unit from a seller on ebay for $60, I had to repair it take it out of demo mode by flashing the stock oreo rom, then it ots updated for me to the full android pie 9.0.

                    A fast cheap phone with a giant screen, dual sim slots one is dual memory card slot.

                    The build quality feels pretty solid, it is kind of heavy.

                    The only weakness is the software development; lock screen notifications are nothing. Little things like that. Not very good selection of cases for this phone, I still don't have one.

                    If you can find one of these for cheap then it's pretty good.

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                      • Blu Eyes
                      • 4HF
                      • 28 Aug 2020

                      How can i get mine to upgrade to 9.0? it says it's up to date and still only running 8.1

                        I'm pretty sure this phone is also available in North Korea as the Pyongyang 2425

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                          • Anonymous
                          • k2{
                          • 16 May 2020

                          Ana, 02 Dec 2019I recently updated my phone and some of my application was ... moreReinstall Uber and then login to your Uber account.

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                            • Patty
                            • xja
                            • 09 Feb 2020

                            Can't seem to set my ringtone from the memory. It doesn't work when it's been set.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • j}p
                              • 10 Jan 2020

                              Anonymous, 13 Jan 2019Get the Nokia 7.1, it's a better value. The Nokia 7.1 runs ... moreDo not get the Nokia 7.1. Security updates brick the Nokia. Nokia will not stand behind the 7.1 at all. A 7 month old $350 phone is a useless brick.. That's why I'm looking at this ^^^ phone. BLU may not update the OS, but they don't brick new phones either!

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                                • Ana
                                • SvB
                                • 02 Dec 2019

                                I recently updated my phone and some of my application was automatically deleted. The most important application for me is Uber because I had money on my application. Dose anyone know how can I get my applications recovered?

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                                  • The.0nly.1
                                  • rRU
                                  • 16 Sep 2019

                                  U2BJNKY2019, 19 Aug 2019is this phone Not capable of connecting to my 5ghz Wi-Fi?? ... moreIt can connect to 5G Wi-Fi fine. yes it works on straight talk. This phone will work fine on anything that runs on AT&t or one of their sub networks which straight talk uses

                                    gmoricz, 08 Apr 2019Try the 9pie android version. Just register your phone at t... moreis this phone Not capable of connecting to my 5ghz Wi-Fi?? also is it GSM unlocked and good for Straight Talk on AT&T??

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • Q@}
                                      • 07 May 2019

                                      Anonymous, 15 Jan 2019Probably.Which phone doesn't?

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                                        • Ajish
                                        • sSM
                                        • 30 Apr 2019

                                        Doakie, 19 Dec 2018Happen to know which manufacturer actually made the Blu Viv... moreThis was manufactured by Panasonic
                                        They had launched same in India as Eluga X1 Pro