BOE excluded from the initial OLED panel order for iPhone 15 lineup

Ro, 27 March 2023

As part of Apple's plan to reduce its reliance on Samsung, the company wants to diversify its OLED supply chain by taking the Chinese OLED maker BOE into the mix. Up until now, Apple has relied solely on Samsung and LG, with the former taking the bulk of orders.

BOE excluded from the initial OLED panel order for iPhone 15

However, Apple's iPhone 15 production isn't going to plan as BOE panels are yet to meet the quality requirements. Reportedly, BOE's OLED production has inconsistent yields and there's a prominent light leakage around the cutout for the Dynamic Island.

Still, the report coming from TheElec suggests that BOE isn't completely out of the mix. It seems like the Chinese manufacturer is making progress, but it won't make it on time for the initial OLED order, so it will participate in later batches. As a result, Samsung will have to pick up the slack and will start production a month earlier than planned.



Reader comments

  • radda
  • 31 Mar 2023
  • P$q

You're right. It may not mean more durable and better, but certainly more better and more durable than any Chinese manufactured goods.

  • ae86
  • 29 Mar 2023
  • vaS

agree. thats where Japan needs to step up there game. seducing customers. one successful example of this is Panasonic and Tesla. Tesla Could've gone to CATL or LG but Panasonic pushed it and see the potential of Tesla. Let's say...

  • Light
  • 29 Mar 2023
  • yVw

Using "US components" does not necessarily mean that it is more durable and better.

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