Bosch Com 509

Bosch Com 509

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  • nokia

Bosch Com 509 = Nokia 6110

  • SMAr2wo

My first phone...;)

  • se7en

my first phone too. one of the toughest ,if not THE toughest phone i ever had.

  • Rain

Brings back the 90's feel... i remember me and my girl friend used to text each other 5x just one message. she had this fone and i got a nokia 5110... hahaha those days when text messaging is only P160 per month...

  • koso

Guess what... my first phone too! Bought it in 1999. Mine was dark blue. I was one of the few to carry a mobile phone back then. I remember the SIM card was activated after 12 hours from buying, i.e. at 3 a.m. and i barely slept that night until i saw the carrier's name on the screen. The first months the caller ID wasn't available for calls coming from the landlines, and then one day I saw my girlfriend's name on the screen instead of "incoming call" and I was very confused :))

  • ioan

my first phone too...

  • amsterdam

my first phone also i got it from my father, i was very happy with it first time i can call and show with a phone on the street 1999 it was a good time i miss the 90s,

  • Anonymous

my first phone... loved the orange...

  • Ranju

My first phone, I got it from my father at my 18th birthday.

  • domingos

anybody have one for sale??????

  • domingos

anybody have one for sale??????

  • Some greek guy

one of the toughest phones I've owned ... probaply still working if I replase the battery!!

  • mark

this was my first phone i got my phone from ARGOS and i would only have this phone on pay as you go on orange so it had to be a orange phone. THOSE WHERE THE DAYS,and it was a good phone why o why BOSCH did not continue to make phones is beyond me they always made quality.

  • Mike

I still have this phone with me and it's still working. I was going thru my old stuff looking for something the other day and lo and behold, my Bosch 509 right in front of me. I got a bit excited and hooked it into a charger and left it for an hour, I slip in a sim card, turned it on and it still works but the battery lasted only about 10 minutes. I'll try getting the battery replaced and use this phone as a back-up. :)

  • melo..

i missed this phone... memorable phone and my first phone....

  • dan

yeh my first phone too!! also changed to a nokia after. i loved my orange brick

  • voidmain

This is my first phone but sadly it was stolen from me and i changed to 3210 that time.

  • Anonymous

I echo that I would love one too also my first ever phone I abandoned it in the end for the excellent 3310

  • MMAN

If anyone has 1 of these preferably working id love it, was my very first phone and it was the dogs nuts i say bosch should make a new one with new feautres but the same great see thru orange ! Proper Old School

  • Nelutu

my first phone