Bosch Com 509

Bosch Com 509

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  • anna

my mom bought me this phone for my birthday, that was like 8 years ago! at first i loved it, had it for 2 yrs then new phones came out, I disposed this for a nokia 3210! bwahaha nokia's way better! nokia's got games like snake and i forgot the other one, memory game something like that, and then i got sick of it then i bought a new one and a new one and another one, i could go on and on!

  • MikeyB

My very first phone. Although I can barely remember it now, it was laughable. I bought it purely based on it's flashy nature (I swear I was a magpie in a previous life).

It lacked features, even back then, but it suited my simple needs. It made calls, it sent texts, it had a calculator. Good enough.

I bought it around 2000 for 40, and I gave it to my parents in 2002 to use as a simple house phone when I upgraded, and they only got rid of it earlier this year because the battery died (can't get any new ones for this phone anymore). Considering it was running on it's original battery, that's damned good endurance.

As the saying goes- 'They don't make them like they used to.'

  • may

is it still existing in the market?

  • petunia dibelane

my phone went dead, first it was the speaker then phone also doesnt it worth repairing?

  • AL

me batteries dead, n me charger went wrong, n then the phone went wrong, its cheese central, scare ya mates n buy one, if ya ave any, umm do bosch still make phones, good price though, got mine from argos in 2000 for 30 of ya english pounds.

  • davide

i had on and it rocked

  • kim

this was my 1st phone!!! wow! it was a really good phonw when it came out, the bees knees! awwwwwwwwww!!

  • Brenda­­

Here is the manual!

  • Brenda

It is a phone not a gamecomputer, alarm clock, or a calendar. It is Phone !!!!Personally I think de calculator is absolutley not needed!!
A basic phone in great transparant colors mine is only transparant very rare. I also bought longer lasting batteries when I got them and they still work after 4 years. I like it is simple basic.....just a cool phone.. Love it!!


my phone has no manual

  • JT

the phone tweets when you use press the buttons, tweet tweet


the battery sucks!!

  • m@tt

I think this is a gret little phone.The standard batteries life is O.K for the age of the fone, but not much compared to the really new fones. The calculator is pretty cool and easy to use. Translucent colours make it easy to find in a dark bag or movie theater.Txting easier compared to by old fone(motorola d560). Would probably recommend had it not gone from N.Z
P.S the high capacity battery last allegidly 400hrs

  • Number 25

I had this phone for about 2 years and it just comes up with problems. Battery life became stupidly short way too fast, the microphone went dead, then the antenna cracked up (literally)... too many to mention! Sure glad I replaced it with a flashy new nokia 6510... the only thing i'm gonna miss is its useful calculator =)

  • vincent akpo

i dont think the phone is lasts for a long time i just bought one not up to 2 weeks and its already developing problems it is performing uptimised charging its not working anymore what can i do about it?

  • Corrie du Preez

If you can help me of a booklet of the Bosch 509. They stolen the box of my cellphone. You can email it to me. Thanks for your help

  • damien

can i up grade my bosch

  • galy

cel mai jaf tel

  • ciobanu constantin

its cool but the battery to my Bosh is dead and i dont find other. by

  • mannyboy

my bosch 509 has no clock and alarrm!how come on its feature it has clock and alarm?is there any other model for this bosch 509 that has an alarm and clock????