Bosch Com 509

Bosch Com 509

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  • justux

I had it. It's cool.

  • Nick

it's crap no-one buy it the maker of it needs to be shot!


It's crap it has a crap reception and the battery runs out after a few hours it could be made better by making it smaller but i like the colour its groovy! dont buy it anyone


it's crap it hasent got a clock or alarm clock either as it says on this page

  • Anonymous

this phone is a travesty, and the designer should be hunted down and slaughtered

  • tot _dodox

there is no alarm and no clock on it and also has many problems like the battery,microphone,and the options are poor!this is not a phone!

  • Dodox

this is not a phone!bagami-as pula in el!

  • Anna

I think that is not a good phone...mine it suks sory but the battery stand_by a few hours and if it talk e few minutes.That's my opinion...

  • Socrates

The worst phone money can buy. Don't even think of getting such a shit.This phone has personality. It's totally unpredictible and has a lousy battery.

  • gigi mafiotu

I think nickiller is right!!!!!!!
It's very true!!!!

  • Nickiller

I had a Bosch 509 for 4 month. Before that I had a 607. 509 stinks. A lousy battery. When I went with my phone in service they told me the phone is broken too. The 607 was a very good one. 48 hours Battery, 2 hours talktime. Very good for 1997.

  • AvaThaN

This is an antishock phone...!!!!!!!!1

  • Nicu

This is the worst phone there is! It has the lousiest battery that lasted almost...2minutes after just one year of use. Please don't buy it anymore!

  • Anonymous

this phone is soooo cool! the colours look fantastic. the design and features of this phone are absolutely fabulous!

  • Nicky

I think this phone is good. Its got good colors and ringtones. Its got a calculator as well.

  • Niculescu Andrei

ba fratilor daca este in rate cumpar si eu.mai vb noi.trimiteti un mail

  • werty

don't buy a phone like bosh 509.

  • Yeti

anyone wanna buy it? cause it's makin me nuts!

  • steven

this fone is totally rubbish!!!!!!!! i cant belive i bought it !!!!!!!! i wish i just saved up a bit more and got a nokia!!!!!I HATE THIS PHONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanette Jackson

I have found my Bosch 509 to be totally unreliable - continually turning itself off for no reason during conversations and battery life is lousy. Wish I'd stuck to my Nokia 8110!!!!!!!