Cat B15 Q

Cat B15 Q

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  • bob
  • IDb
  • 03 Apr 2015

seemed like a tough phone had it for two weeks dropped from maybe two feet screen shattered, should have kept my samsung dropped it many times no problem

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    • Anonymous
    • fjR
    • 22 Mar 2015

    Phone number 3 one week old ,used the light to connect a trailer on a bakie, drooped on the ground 100cm and screen cracked?
    The first one worked for 1 day and then the close button stooped working and was replaced as OFB failure and second wan was warranty claim as when it dropped less then a meter the clips of the battery cover broke and then the phone got water damage.

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      • meatloaf
      • 6mJ
      • 10 Mar 2015

      I had my Cat for these past 7months, and it passed through many things, including a bucket full of water, dropped several times. these phones are very strong. It's true they don't have a lot of memory, but in my opinion if you want to play games you can play them on a tablet. This kind of phone is not made for playing games on it

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        • AnonD-371473
        • rvP
        • 05 Mar 2015

        had it for three days. The sensor to cut the screen when held to your face did not work. Been three weeks trying to get it replaced/fixed. Mostly a service provider fault. Brilliant phone until then. Took nice pictures of my fish from inside the tank and took calls in the shower.

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          • Anonymous
          • 4B1
          • 26 Feb 2015

          AnonD-356487, 26 Jan 2015had my cat b 15q for 5days .fell from less than 0.5 meters ... moreHad the same thing happen to me

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            • AnonD-356487
            • rvY
            • 26 Jan 2015

            had my cat b 15q for 5days .fell from less than 0.5 meters out of my hand and the touch screen did not work anymore... good battery and speed though

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              • Francois
              • rsx
              • 05 Jan 2015

              This phone is something else. Unique in it's own and a very good performer. Thank you CAT!

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                • AnonD-53041
                • 03$
                • 01 Jan 2015

                Great features in this device. Huge drawback: only 1.5GB of space for apps. 1.8GB total, when GSM and official CAT say 4GB.
                This is hardly enough for above average user. If you play games or use more than 100 apps, your device will get VERY slow. DO NOT BUY

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                  • Timo
                  • Pxd
                  • 13 Dec 2014

                  Only one prob with this phone >

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                    • Danny B
                    • NHL
                    • 20 Nov 2014

                    Not too shabby camera quality for this kind of a device, I think it'll work well not just for the handy man but also for the ordinary user in the office or in class.

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                      • AnonD-78383
                      • xx0
                      • 15 Oct 2014

                      Pretty late for a revision