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  • Xinitra
  • pcJ
  • 12 Jun 2020

This is my longest living phone and can even take many a throw in the wall.
Just to say this is a working phone so its specifications is good enought for that usage. Battery is still good after 6 years.

When i bought this phone i wanted something that could take a hit and this one was perfect except that i also like to use a bunchload of applications that use alot of space that made the overall experience on the ''downside'', it helped a tiny bit with SD card.

Sound and speakers has always been low on this phone and can barely be heard when its calling in the pocket or in another room now, the phone is like 6 years old and everything wont last for eternity.

for the last 6 years i have been using this cat b15 Q and a samsung s6 active(screen broke after hitting ice on a fall on 30-40cm sliding out of the pocket after around 3 years), their both excellent phones it just depends on what your gonne use it for. i did like the s6 active more because of the ram,storage and camera but it will still break after an certain amount of falls.

But the B15Q will still outlast the s6 active if you want something that can take a fall and dont need much space , also the camera aint to bad if you have good light

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    • B4K9
    • fjS
    • 13 Jan 2019

    this is most probably the best mobile i have ever come across ,, only one problem spares like battries and cpu over heating is an big product problem on them i have had my cat q150 over 3 years now it works well even with it over heating and it has an bent battery because of it over heating thus the back cover has now also broken an clip or 2 !!! getting spares for it is very very difficult an by the looks of things impossible ,,, let lone affordable !!! its such an pitty ,,, as it is an awesome device !!!

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      • Tuzaini mustafa
      • D6{
      • 23 Jun 2018

      I need to buy this phone how I can get it?

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        • Wobblyblob
        • TSN
        • 11 Jan 2018

        Don't be such a nitwit. The camera is right at the back and in front. I think you don't own a CAT phone and simply condeming it without looking at it.

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          • Deon.i
          • CAp
          • 10 Jan 2018

          Wobblyblob, 09 Jan 2018This phone is a great phone. Nice modern design too. I have... moreI don't find camera its hiding i dont now where to fund it.

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            • Wobblyblob
            • TSN
            • 09 Jan 2018

            This phone is a great phone. Nice modern design too. I have been using this smartphone for 2 year now and never had any issues. It never hang, it never crashes and it never gets spoilt or faulty when it drops on the ground for more than 3 feet and gets wet in heavy rainy thunderstorm weather. Unlike my other Samsung and Acer smartphones which got spoilt or faulty when just a little wee bit of water touched them, this one never gave any problems. Screen transition and app opening and execution/running is smooth and fast. Everybody who saw this smartphone like it when I showed it to them. The only downside is memory is small, otherwise great phone. Everybody I showed it too liked this phone. On another note, I believe this website has got a lot of CATphone haters who are die hard-hardcore-obsessed Samsung and iPhone fanatics in a negative way.

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              • AnonD-722714
              • JNP
              • 15 Dec 2017

              This phone is very crappy and expensive for what you get. It is not water resistant, amd internal storage is absolutely minimal. Also antenna and GPS are very crappy.
              And, of course, it randomly reboots itself. don't say me because i installed something, because it happens even after a factory reset.

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                • fer
                • 8Zc
                • 07 Dec 2017

                Sly, 25 Oct 2016Hi, my CAT B15Q just erased whatsapp, if i try installing i... moredid your phone work with whatsapp?

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                  • AnonD-710186
                  • JaL
                  • 23 Oct 2017

                  I have had 2 of these phones now for 3 and a half years. An excellent phone for building sites.
                  on the down side Memory is small, the battery and sim card regularly become loose.
                  and the on off switch is difficult to use, a small bit of machine oil fixed it on a regular basis, but finally one phone has now died!
                  over all very pleased with them and would buy again. s60 for me next

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                    • McGeezy
                    • fu%
                    • 06 Sep 2017

                    am having a problem with my phone cat b15q it is overheating when I turn it on! what could be the problem?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 2Ap
                      • 10 Jun 2017

                      this phone is really awesome.I can download my favorite games here and even watched movies.I don't have any questions about the phone because the camera is clear and don't have to worry about if it falls to the ground.

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                        • unhappy
                        • fjS
                        • 06 May 2017

                        I had this phone for almost 2 years and the speaker doesn't work that good. They said the screen can't break but it dit from a little fall. Crap phone

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                          • Fadi jo
                          • 8p3
                          • 05 Mar 2017

                          Anonymous, 20 Jul 2016Bought cat b15q,just found out there is second SIM tray.tri... moreSame problem with 2nd sim
                          Not detecting

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Nwn
                            • 03 Nov 2016

                            sound, ring quality is poor

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                              • Sly
                              • Nxq
                              • 25 Oct 2016

                              Hi, my CAT B15Q just erased whatsapp, if i try installing it again it doesnt wanna install. please help

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                                • Aphelele Cellc
                                • f0e
                                • 16 Aug 2016

                                nima , 12 Aug 2016Some one answer me please.i want buy this phone for only ca... moreYes it a good deal and we have it at cellc on Epic 350 for R319

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                                  • nima
                                  • atr
                                  • 12 Aug 2016

                                  Some one answer me please.i want buy this phone for only call and sms and use some porogram like sms forward because i have note 5 and my job is civil engenier and note 5 is so big and it can be damage at my job is b15q have good choice or i buy sony z5 compact?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rvG
                                    • 20 Jul 2016

                                    Bought cat b15q,just found out there is second SIM tray.tried to insert second SIM card in the tray, its not detecting on the display. I wonder,is this dual SIM phone or not? Plz help

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                                      • ryd
                                      • sSM
                                      • 14 Jul 2016

                            , 11 May 2016I lost my CAT B15Q and i don't no whom stolen it how can I ... morelol

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                                        • Me
                                        • fqu
                                        • 04 Jul 2016

                                        Can it download Whatsapp?