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  • NaQ
  • 11 May 2016

I lost my CAT B15Q and i don't no whom stolen it how can I get it back?

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    • ariel
    • 7Xt
    • 17 Apr 2016

    DAN, 11 Apr 2016Greetings Folks - anyone that could let me know a good sol... morei have this problem on my phone that i cannot download any applications nor games..i have an 8G external memory. but still it appears insufficient me pls how to fix this problems..thank you very much..hope i can get an answer from you..

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      • Bob
      • mXd
      • 13 Apr 2016

      DAN, 11 Apr 2016Greetings Folks - anyone that could let me know a good sol... moreTo disable hangouts go to settings, apps, then find hangouts and click disable..

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        • DAN
        • Nhh
        • 11 Apr 2016

        Greetings Folks - anyone that could let me know a good solution in how to solve this problem as I have repeated cases with this phone shutting itself down (most of the cases it happened while using the internet and the most recent and latest case last a week ago while I was on the WhatsApp session).
        As an overall use, it is a good phone but this shutting down problem is now becoming frustrating :( It seems that this kind of fault is applicable to B15Q models - as I have friends with B15s but they do not having these kind of troubles.
        NOTE- someone suggested of un-installing ''Hangouts'' (but it not possible to remove or delete the Hangouts icon of application from the phone) . Thank you anticipated

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          • DAN
          • Nhh
          • 11 Apr 2016

          AnonD-502139, 17 Feb 2016To everyone having problems with this phone turning off ran... moreI am facing this problem with the phone shutting itself down and restarting (while I am on the internet) or most recently, while I was in WhatsApp :( Since you suggested that the Hangouts could be the problem, is there any theoretical and confirmed solution in how to prevent this frustrating occasional shut downs - or it is just that CAT has a faulty software ? I can not delete or un-install the Hangouts application / it does not allow
          Any good that you could suggest as this problems on this phone is becoming now quite frustrating

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            • Baggio
            • pq$
            • 21 Mar 2016

            I would never buy it again. I had it for six months, and it is by far the crapiest phone i had. I need a rugged phone for my line of work, and my Xcover 2 survived for almost two years, as for Cat, it is dying after six months. Speaker is gone, it reboots itself for no reason 2-3 times per day, vibration is working next to nothing, internet connection sometimes doesn't work, can't install new apps (and i have only few of them), gps is sometimes really confused. It has only two good things, and that is really rugged housing (mine is actually bent and screen didnt crack) and verry good battery life.

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              • cat
              • dWh
              • 01 Mar 2016

              i just love it

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                • AnonD-502139
                • ntx
                • 17 Feb 2016

                To everyone having problems with this phone turning off randomly, I think I found a solution by uninstalling Google Hangouts (or at least deactivating it; not sure if it can really be deleted). With that problem solved, this is a great phone and I love it.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • kHx
                  • 02 Feb 2016

                  AnonD-449986, 10 Oct 2015Biggest load of crap ever build had it 2 months on paper it... moreYeah mine is a pos and low memory all the time. Wish I knew how to clear up some memory

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                    • Maximus
                    • K3N
                    • 14 Jan 2016

                    I had my b15q now for about 6 months. Works very good. I dont use a lot of aps. Just more for having a phone. Long baterie life. Fast internet. Droped it couple of times. Its very water prof. Does withstand heat. I can only say a very good phone for me. I put a 32 gb sd in it, works with no issues. No problems at al. Wel it does restart once in a wile... And sometimes shuts down so i have to take out the baterie to restart it. But wat i know, from my past phones, this one is stil one of the best. My working conditions are pretty hard but this phone doesent seem to matter. I am very happy with it! Good option in my opinion.

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                      • Mossie
                      • fjU
                      • 16 Dec 2015

                      I bought mine 8mounths ago and don't want to work on any Bluetooth device,I did try every thing and now I must hear that the B15Q phone are discontinued,in other words they don't make the phone anymore so goodbay cellphone because they are not going to help you with the software or anything related to the phone,I'm really very angry that I bought this phone.

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                        • Ham
                        • M81
                        • 14 Nov 2015

                        Alex Montenegro, 17 May 2015Restart every day with no reason...and my friend have same ... moreMe too :(((

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                          • anton
                          • nwS
                          • 12 Nov 2015

                          one of the best phones I had (like erikson377). swished off all fancy crap and it works for weeks with one loading. well, not exactly for weeks, just above one, but it really feels like you have a phone you can use if you are on a hike for a week. don't buy it if you life depends on digital support, but if you connect just from time to time (only when it's needed) you'll have a quite reliable peace of technology at your disposal. switch data connection on - it's dead in 2 (two) days, switch it of - usable for a week

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                            • AnonD-449986
                            • fnm
                            • 10 Oct 2015

                            Biggest load of crap ever build had it 2 months on paper its beter that my old phone (Samsung galaxy s3 mini) but even when two years old I would prefer my old phone in the beginning it was great but now it is as slow as a snail on sandpaper can install less apps than on my old phone in short you can throw it against a wall (personally tested) but you are going to want to throw it (personally experienced)

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                              • DoGG(D.P.) - S.A.
                              • Nhh
                              • 08 Oct 2015

                              Folks - just bought my B15Q yesterday after smashing on the floor my 8 years old E90 communicator / the best phone ever built :)
                              Before deciding in buying a CAT phone, I have monitored it for quite some time - as well, as per the experience from my friends with the B15s - that they had no problems / all working fine with no faults or anything like below mentioned
                              Just as a test yesterday after bought it, I have deliberately threw mine couple of times (abt 2.5 meters high) and hit the floor - it works fine / as well the applications.
                              Takes nice photos (including using the nigh flash) - also, the B15 model (without flash) was still taking nice clear photos during the day - we tried also in the twilight and the photos were quite acceptable. B15Q it is far better
                              May that we should not be too negative about things that work fine, Folks :)
                              Good Luck to any one who has this good B15Q and happy usage forward - it works !!! :)

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                                • Motlala
                                • fr9
                                • 08 Oct 2015

                                The camera and Memory are too small for my liking. I cant even download maps of < 1gb as its already full.

                                Just got it 2 days ago and still have to test it.

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                                  • AnonD-441192
                                  • nHi
                                  • 15 Sep 2015

                                  yeah, low memory, this 4GB internal SD is a lie, it is only 2GB free, and Kit-Kat is a shit OS, don't allow external SD use, only in very limited mode, and the company don't intend to upgrade to android 5, but the latest upgrade made to allow the App2SD to external SD, so it is a little help, and the ES file explorer is able to write to external SD, so with the Share command, you can send files to the SD card, share---send with ES, and the UC Browser allows to save files to external SD, so not a bad phone, but I regretted it, an Iphone 5S could be a better choice, because the price of the phones almost the same. The 2 sensor is ridiculous, no magnetic sensor in a rugged phone, and the GPS is weak, follow the satellites slowly, I like Google Sky app, but with this phone it is almost unusable. The last upgrade solved the App2SD problem, but made more bugs. Program (OS) support is very weak, a large phone manufacturer supports their product much better. We miss very much the Lollipop (android 5) upgrade. The external SD usage is mandatory for a phone with a so low memory. And you cant run java apps, the java emulator apps don't work on the phone also.

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                                    • Ham
                                    • M81
                                    • 09 Sep 2015

                                    Alex Montenegro, 17 May 2015Restart every day with no reason...and my friend have same ... moreYes, I have the same problem my phone too

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                                      • ugijs9
                                      • pcB
                                      • 27 Aug 2015

                                      Nice phone, works good, could be more internal memory. Have dropped down few times, still have no problem.

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                                        • ian bosch
                                        • fjT
                                        • 20 Aug 2015

                                        biggest PoS I have ever owned, crappy battery life, superslow processing, dropping calls continuously, never touch another CAT product in my life