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  • Jam
  • BiP
  • 28 Apr 2023

After 4 weeks of use my CAT s62 pro overheated and warped. I sent it on for warranty repairs and the have refused to repair it under warranty. They claim it must have been sat on but that’s a total lie. Even if it had been sat on which, it has NOT, it’s supposed to be a rugged phone for christ sake!!!!!

Disappointing all round. I won’t be using them again. I was going to get my whole company on them but not now.


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    • arxy
    • dNq
    • 23 Apr 2023

    I want to buy this for my brother hopefully he cant break this one🤣

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      • Yanys
      • dWA
      • 28 Mar 2023

      The most bad phone for the money!Low life battery and lack of non updating just make it worse!

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        • Fcat
        • 4j4
        • 07 Feb 2023

        Julle, 03 Oct 2021If you expect a rugged phone like this to have the best cam... moreDont need it to take selfies but would also like it to atleast be able to take pictures for work purposes that dont look like PS1 or windows 95.

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          • disappointing
          • xIX
          • 19 Dec 2022

          plugged in the phone to charge overnight. Next morning the back was completely swollen. won't turn on. Glad it didn't catch fire or explode

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            • Anonymous
            • J5a
            • 12 Oct 2022

            Anonymous, 25 Jul 2022Would have been nice for phones in this series to have a re... moreOpen and replace

              Released in 2016, costs hands and legs then, still rocking android 6 till now. Wow👏

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                • Anonymous
                • e}a
                • 25 Jul 2022

                Would have been nice for phones in this series to have a removable battery.

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                  • andre
                  • fnw
                  • 02 Nov 2021

                  James Dean, 29 Jun 2021Poor quality battery life. Les than a year and had battery ... moreHad the same problem and im also essential worker this is not recommendable for EMS workers

                    • J
                    • Julle
                    • Cdh
                    • 03 Oct 2021

                    If you expect a rugged phone like this to have the best camera for selfies, then you'll be sorely disappointed.
                    But if you want a brick that can withstand almost any handling and have a battery that will last for more than 24 hours unless you use it to play mobile games for 12hours straight, then this is pretty good

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                      • Rob51
                      • vaS
                      • 12 Sep 2021

                      People talk about heaven and this phone this phone does fine for me maybe know how to use it

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                        • Poitanga Smith
                        • t@Q
                        • 17 Aug 2021

                        Anonymous, 25 Sep 2020Are you kidding? Are you trying to make people think this s... moreWhat a violent response. Looks like someone has Mummy Issues and a jumbo chip on their shoulder. This phone is a piece of junk. Read google reviews. The majority of people (including myself) think this phone sucks. Glad you like it though. There will be special place for you both in phone heaven 😉

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                          • David
                          • IiY
                          • 07 Aug 2021

                          S60 its rubbish!

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 3Ag
                            • 04 Jul 2021

                            Meistarin, 08 Jun 2021Well I used to love the phone. Have used it for 4.5 years n... moreThanks for your advice

                              • J
                              • James Dean
                              • H3N
                              • 29 Jun 2021

                              Poor quality battery life. Les than a year and had battery reduced. Phone keeps losing charge quickly, there is no way you could charge another phone of this or have it last for days as claimed. This phone failed me during covid, I was without a phone. I purchased as I'm an essential worker, I need a phone as I'm providing support to people through covid. This phone was sold as appropriate for heath workers. It is far from being that. In the middle of a lock down the only option they offered was for a courier to pick up. There is no couriers operating in a lock down and during a pandemic as an heath worker I need to be contactable. I wouldn't support this brand as it was promoted.

                                Just purchased they Cat S60. It seems nice but, once I have connected it to WIFI and added my google account, after 5 seconds an introduction application starts that once finished, cannot be exited and blocks almost the entire screen rendering the phone useless.

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                                  • Meistarin
                                  • pcm
                                  • 08 Jun 2021

                                  Well I used to love the phone. Have used it for 4.5 years now. Changed the battery once. It is not the fastest nor has good speeker or microphone.
                                  The camera is another story that does not produce anything you might want to share with others.
                                  But it has the IR camera and can withstand anyting. That I love it for. But here is the thing. Have run into problems regarding the OS. It comes standard with android 6 and now in 2021 app developers are starting to discontinue this android version.
                                  Have been in touch with catphones support and they will not update the firmware. Nor do they come with any instructions in how to help their customers. They just say that it is our problem now the customers have bought their product.
                                  I guess that this is their policy to keep us buying new phones to stay updated.
                                  However I stated to their support staff that I would go from a praiser of their products to one that would never consider buying from them again. And that I would share my experience. This did not even get me an reply from their support staff.
                                  So my advice it to steer clear af this product. It is tough and up for the job but without support I will be going for some other brand.
                                  Thanks for reading my rant 🙂

                                    Badger, 21 Jan 2021Got a CAT S40 5 years ago, was one of the best phones I eve... moreIt is possible that your CAT S60 was with non-original (there are a lot of Chinese imitations) parts.
                                    I had CAT S40, then S60, and now S61 and I never had any problems (I changed the battery for S40 and 1 battery for S60 for 4 years of use) and once again cleaned the microphone from dirt.
                                    I think these smartphones are the best protected ones!

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                                      • Snowman117
                                      • 8p5
                                      • 10 Apr 2021

                                      Have owned the S60 for almost 5 years now, I just love the phone. I work in agriculture besides a very active lifestyle, the S60 is indestructible. It is true that it is the not the fastest smartphone out there but I'm sure it's one of the most rugged and solidly built phones. For almost 5 years the only problems were that I had to change the battery twice and aftermarket batteries are not of a good quality besides finding a supplier who ship to Lebanon where I live. In general and after market battery lasts no more than 1 year. But I'm not planning to let go my S60 before which I used to change my phone for damage (accidental dropping, water leak, cracked screen) for about 3-4 times a year. Overall the S60 is a very underrated phone and I highly recommend it.

                                        • B
                                        • Badger
                                        • ftd
                                        • 21 Jan 2021

                                        Got a CAT S40 5 years ago, was one of the best phones I ever had. Lasted me 4 years. Got my new CAT S60 phone Dec2020. Was super impressed… for the first few hours.
                                        Come the first charge the charge cover came off in my fingers. The phone keeps switching off and rebooting itself. The Bluetooth function keeps loosing other paired devises. The final straw was when the earphone cover also came off the first time I opened it. Still think it’s a good phone, but has some major quality issues. For the price and the quality of the device, I would certainly NOT recommend a rugged phone that falls apart on day 1. VERY DISAPPOINTING – CAT S 60, from now on I will be moving to Apple.