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  • upgrade android 6

has anyone done an upgrade from android 6 to a newer release using ROMs? i'm thinking of giving that a shot to eliminate problems with the device, but i'm not sure if it's going to keep working properly with FLIR. does anyone have any input on this?

  • Jimbo

Anonymous, 03 Apr cat s60 drope in water and has happened to me e... moreYea my speaker grill fell of,phone lost everything thing and thought it was new again, also changes settings including going to aeroplane mode all by itself.the only good thing is the flier camera

  • some person thingy

Wolf82696, 16 Dec 2019I've had this phone for almost a year now, it's still working pe... morethe phone doesn't because of build quality. it sucks because of a poorly optimized OS that causes black screens during calls, insane battery drains, speakerphone not working properly, lots of random crashing and many other software problems that were never addressed.

  • Wolf82696

I've had this phone for almost a year now, it's still working perfectly fine. I don't know why there are so many negative review on the phone. Only thing is the mesh screen on the speaker started to come off on the end, so I put a small amount of super glue and pressed it back on, never had a problem with that again that was 3 months ago. People must be extremely rough on phones, or it just sucks because it's not a mainstream phone, like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Lol nerds.

  • Yitzchak

Don't buy CAT phones! They work less than a year in proper condition and they Don't stand behind their warranty! The audio features of my phone stopped working and after consulting with the customer service they have asked me to send it to repair/replacement (said 5-10 working days to be returned). After 11 days, I get an email that it cannot be repaired by the warranty (didn't say why- and the phone is certainly under warranty), they ask for 154 euro to be fixed or 16 Euro to send it back to me!!!!

  • Anonymous

Hryzec, 11 Nov 2019Got this phone for over a 2-3 years now, first time it ended up ... moreI am in eastern Europe and I have this phone for 3 years with minimal problems. Once the plastic grill of the loudspeaker just fell.

  • Anonymous

I had also the problem with phonecalls (unable and interrups). The solution is to push
the powerbutton after dialing (the screen goes blank). The call now can be finished.
The same when taking a call, push the powerbutton.

  • Hryzec

Got this phone for over a 2-3 years now, first time it ended up in service they claimed it was software issue, second time they actually changed battery and did some hardware work to renew waterproofing. After one month of usage it ended up with with camera screen being all blurry and humid and the software breaking down that phone was not even able to get charged anymore with new battery inside. I am aware these phones are shit but what really makes me stay away from anything that undergoes warranty repairs at this service center is they were actually trying to persuade me there is nothing wrong with their renewal of waterproofing and that the phone is waterproof with the screen all blurry with condensates water. Stay away from CAT phones especially if you are in eastern Europe and your service center is VSP Data. Obviously they will try to blame me that their service lacks some proper expertise. I am afraid that VSP Data has exclusive contract for the most brands sold in the region so there is no easy way to avoid their poor service on top of shitty manufacturing and design of CAT phones and other phone brands in general.

  • Andras

Pawel, 12 Oct 2019Hi, I have S60 for 1 Monty. It is overheating top and gets int... moreHi .
It was a big mistake to buy this "phone". The biggest piece of s... I have ever had.
This the third brand new phone during the warranty period and is also junk.
Your problem can be software or battery problem. I had both.
But this time the screen goes black when I start a call and it only comes back when the phone call is finished. So there is no chance for me to call an automated system where I have to chose menu points or finish a phone call if an answering machine goes on or the called person forgets hang up the phone.
No one should leave a feedback when he/she gets the phone right away. We all should do this after a year. In that case not a piece would ever be sold.

  • Pawel

Andrew from Hungary, 16 Jun 2019Absolute garbage. I will never buy anything that is called CAT a... moreHi,
I have S60 for 1 Monty. It is overheating top and gets into rebooting loop randomly. Is it software problem ?

  • Z

Andrew from Hungary, 16 Jun 2019Absolute garbage. I will never buy anything that is called CAT a... moreAgreed 1000 percent !👍

  • Z

Highd, 22 Aug 2019Ive had the s60 for about 10mos now, I am a welder by trade, so ... moreBe sure not to.drop it water after u have dropped it anywhere on land lol reason been wen u dropped it anywhere it up the seems on the phone so wen u drop it water anytime soon boom good bye with ur phone so back don't be like me! Lost all my information 😑

  • Z

Waste of money never buy these cat phones they after service is rubbish no support wat so ever once the phone is out of warranty throw it in the bin my s60 fell in to the water not even 200 mm deep I out quickly lcd in it's glory please be sure to back up.ur info regularly or u will pull u hair outa ur head been I great support bye bye cat food!

  • Vijay Mehta

For the very first time immersed in water less than one meter deep and water entered in the phone stopping it, it is supposed to resist 5 meters of water column. The switch was in 5 Meter position.

  • Vernon

I have the Cat s60 for a few months now but the battery does not last. I only get about 5 hours out of a full charge. Please help

Wobblyblob, 09 Jan 2018I think I'm going to buy this great awesome phone immediately. D... moreI have the Landrover Explore, do you have it or have you tried it....? if not, then please hold that opinion to yourself, its Excellent - Levi

  • Highd

Ive had the s60 for about 10mos now, I am a welder by trade, so needless to say I am hell on phones, but this beast has shocked me, ive dropped it where you just knew it had to be mangled, nope not a scratch.. ive welded beside it like an idiot and when i realized that it was laying there the only thing that happened was a microscopic pin dot on the screen, this is the most durable phone I've ever seen, i had a s41 before this and my only complaint is that the battery isnt all that great, but coming from the 41 that has a battery like no other it's prob just me being use to the 41 power . All in all its a great phone for a construction worker, pics aren't the greatest but who cares it takes good enough pics , the fact you wont have to worry about screen replacement or phone replacement for a tiny mistake you made trumps a few shy on the pic quality any day... Now i did loose my mesh screen on the front but that hasn't effected my phone one way or the other.. i love this phone. Hands down its built like a tank!

  • Denis

I have an S31 now 8 months old . It now goes black and drops out on all calls .
other wise it seems OK .
But it appears that there is no warranty or service available in Australia . They do not answer emails and the phone number just goes to an un monitored answering service .
So an S61 would be a poor choice to replace it .

  • IMnotSTEIN

it must be nice if CAT will focus on creating durable phone covers that can withstand high falls, water proof, scratch proof, dust proof and if possible fire proof lol... guess that would be great for them.. they can be partner to all phone company.

PS: CAT if you are going to do this please give me a share for your earnings

  • Jorge

It's really indestructible from the outside. But from the inside... rubbish.
After 2 years: battery lasts for 12 hours at most, suddenly shuts off at 30%,overheats for no apparent reason, pluging in a headphone shuts it off, taking a photo with flash on shuts it off and finally,after been submerged in 30cm of water for 5 minutes water came in trough the camera and it went crazy.

Cool thing, thermocamera really works and you can throw it on the wall as much as you want (and you certainly will). For 600 dollars I thought it would be better built. I bought it for it's resistance, but I'll just buy a mainstream smartphone with a rugged case for a third of the price and be happier.