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  • Vijay Mehta

For the very first time immersed in water less than one meter deep and water entered in the phone stopping it, it is supposed to resist 5 meters of water column. The switch was in 5 Meter position.

  • Vernon

I have the Cat s60 for a few months now but the battery does not last. I only get about 5 hours out of a full charge. Please help

Wobblyblob, 09 Jan 2018I think I'm going to buy this great awesome phone immediately. D... moreI have the Landrover Explore, do you have it or have you tried it....? if not, then please hold that opinion to yourself, its Excellent - Levi

  • Highd

Ive had the s60 for about 10mos now, I am a welder by trade, so needless to say I am hell on phones, but this beast has shocked me, ive dropped it where you just knew it had to be mangled, nope not a scratch.. ive welded beside it like an idiot and when i realized that it was laying there the only thing that happened was a microscopic pin dot on the screen, this is the most durable phone I've ever seen, i had a s41 before this and my only complaint is that the battery isnt all that great, but coming from the 41 that has a battery like no other it's prob just me being use to the 41 power . All in all its a great phone for a construction worker, pics aren't the greatest but who cares it takes good enough pics , the fact you wont have to worry about screen replacement or phone replacement for a tiny mistake you made trumps a few shy on the pic quality any day... Now i did loose my mesh screen on the front but that hasn't effected my phone one way or the other.. i love this phone. Hands down its built like a tank!

  • Denis

I have an S31 now 8 months old . It now goes black and drops out on all calls .
other wise it seems OK .
But it appears that there is no warranty or service available in Australia . They do not answer emails and the phone number just goes to an un monitored answering service .
So an S61 would be a poor choice to replace it .

  • IMnotSTEIN

it must be nice if CAT will focus on creating durable phone covers that can withstand high falls, water proof, scratch proof, dust proof and if possible fire proof lol... guess that would be great for them.. they can be partner to all phone company.

PS: CAT if you are going to do this please give me a share for your earnings

  • Jorge

It's really indestructible from the outside. But from the inside... rubbish.
After 2 years: battery lasts for 12 hours at most, suddenly shuts off at 30%,overheats for no apparent reason, pluging in a headphone shuts it off, taking a photo with flash on shuts it off and finally,after been submerged in 30cm of water for 5 minutes water came in trough the camera and it went crazy.

Cool thing, thermocamera really works and you can throw it on the wall as much as you want (and you certainly will). For 600 dollars I thought it would be better built. I bought it for it's resistance, but I'll just buy a mainstream smartphone with a rugged case for a third of the price and be happier.

  • Andrew from Hungary

Absolute garbage. I will never buy anything that is called CAT again. During its 2 year warranty period it had already been replaced 3 times under warranty and is again at the service station. It is more like a piece of brick. It is hard to kill, but roughly that is all about it. If you want to use it as a phone to make phone calls you'd better buy almost anything else. After a few updates it starts overheating which kill something inside and then the phone starts rebooting randomly sometimes a dozen times a day. Unless you notice when it is happening you will not be able to receive calls. Insane. I want my money back! As soon as I get this piece of sh.. back I will sell it right away. It gave me so much agro that I just hate to look at it. I know 3 people who have/had the same phone and they had serious issues with them too. I was happy with it for about 2 months. Out of the 22 months since I have had it it spent about 5 months at service stations and it is there again. The money I spent on gas taking it to the service drop off point and back could buy me a decent Nokia or Ericsson. I hope they go out of business soon or send their engineers to a field trip to Kim Jong Un so they can be replaced some new stuff. DO NOT BUY IT!

  • Anonymous

After having it for a year and a half i can say proudly that i'm never getting a CAT phone again. Falls can't kill it, water won't kill it, hell i even welded above it and it just had a few tiny burns on the glass. But everything else... Charger died after 3 months, charger plug cover fell of after 7 months, the plug stopped working even before that, headphone plug stopped working after 9 months, speaker and mic protection mesh came of after a year, android which it uses is absolute trash, 3-6 times UI stops responding, constant signal losses from the first day, FLIR is pretty decent, it missies by a few °C but you can live with that, the camera on the other hand, my god... Is it rugged? Yes and no. It survived falls, for which i belived killed it, i mean the screen survives 200°C metal pieces falling on it, water can't hurt it untill it looses some vital parts (which will fall of), android is pure garbage, tech support is almost non-existent, hardware-vise it full of cheap chinese stuff which won't last for long. Not worth the money that they ask for. I even got a CAT multitool with it which fell apart after a month. Bullitgroup is a joke. Rugfed phones which i had before (and in half of the price they ask) are still in my drawer unharmed (battery problems, but every phone will have them after two years) but this one is going in the garbage can as soon as i find a replacement phone that is actually god for anything else than surviving falls and burns and scratches.

  • Albac

The Flir watermark in the thermal images is the deal breaker for me. Apparently the Ugly Flir logo on the top of the device wasn't enough.

Love it
Try drop it, drown it, mix whi cement survive.
So now its my job phone.

  • atov

had high hopes, 08 Apr 2019i bought this device back in 2017. i've been using it everyday. ... morecorrect

  • atov

never again.

I have had this phone since 2017, the USB cover got bent on the second day I had it, someone pulled out of their yard and I was charging it and it fell on the charger, there is a screen above the Back, Home and Menu button that fell off due to the heat of being in my pocket and the Earphone door also broke off. Upon purchase I was told that there was a 3 year guarantee which promptly I was told imagined it.

  • had high hopes

i bought this device back in 2017. i've been using it everyday. it's nothing but problems. it randomly drains its battery in a few hours. the screen doesn't comeback on when you move the device away from your face during calls. the speakerphone stops working randomly. Bullitt completely dropped support for this phone. the last update did nothing but cause problems.

My advice is to stay away from CAT phones. it was supposed to be my reliable rock solid friend during work, but it's more of an annoyance than anything else.

big waste of money. also the Cat S61 isn't any better. my friend has it and he says he already hates, had it for less than a year.......

  • Miro

Have it for almost 3years.
Experienced and confirm all the negatives described. Totally rubbish....

  • APro

Y, 11 Nov 2018I have a CAT S60 phone and numerous times while talking, the pho... moreI've owned the CAT S60 and didn't have the screen sensitivity issue with this model.
However, with the CAT S61 I am now experiencing the same issue! I can't make 1 phone call without my screen going haywire (speaker phone, mute button, hold button, blue-tooth, etc...) all going on if I put my ear too close to the screen. Very annoying to say the least!

The dual camera looks a bit funny, idk why though.

  • Anonymous

So I've read a ton of negative reviews about this phone. I've had mine about a year an had some similar issues with battery an such. The software they use for whatever reason i can't disable the google app without having boot loop issues. I did get a program called island to run an now i can freeze an unfreeze any app i want. At work now with wifi on an Bluetooth on all day i can listen to music on my phone an still have 65 to70% battery after 8 hours. I think if their was an upgrade to nougat it would help but with the s61 out i don't see that happening for the s60. All in all i really enjoy the phone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-753916, 22 Apr 2018My cat S60 is excellent as FLIR, phone, camera etc. But not with... moreAs far as the apps being laggy, are they on internal memory or external? I found putting apps on the internal memory makes everything work well. Hope that helps.