Catch the Motorola and Intel Motoedge event live here

18 September, 2012

The day has arrived for the Motorola Mobility and Intel joint event where we're expecting to the see new Motorola DROIDs running on Intel mobile processors.

The US versions were announced just two weeks ago at the Motorola On Display event in New York City. There, we saw the announcements of several new devices, including the Motorola (DROID) RAZR HD, Motorola (DROID) RAZR MAXX HD, and the Motorola (DROID) RAZR M.

If you'd like to get an idea of the new devices, check out our review of the Motorola (DROID) RAZR M fresh of the presses.

The event starts at 10am BST, and you can catch the live stream here:


Reader comments

  • Tim

Hmmm. Intel Atom and WP8 seems to make better sense, and I suspect that is going to happen big time.

  • TizenMeeGo Takeover

Glad to see the RazR Maxx HD, easily the best out the bunch but intel, what happened to your MeeGo phones? Is it all left up to Jolla now?

  • Q81

2Ghz atom processor. according to motorola/intel will be outperforming dual-cores in speed and battery efficiency. (according to moto/intel that is :P).. But dude I wont be complaining. will be glad to own intel's first smartphone.