Chea A90

Chea A90

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  • Anonymous
  • S92
  • 12 Jan 2023

Which company owns the Chea brand? I can't find anything to google.

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    • Rı2
    • J2T
    • 12 Aug 2019

    Galaxy S2 - 2011, 02 Aug 2011Yo, a got Galaxy S2 after Chea A90 and all I can say is tha... moreYou switched your S2 for a A90? Wow. How come you're switching your phone that has touchscreen,1M colors+,8MP camera + flash w/front camera and a huge display with tons of features (3.5mm,Games,Wi-Fi,GPS and so on) to a phone that only has calling options. No camera and only 4K colors.

      Anonymous, 13 Feb 2004LOL I see the jerks from CHEA are upgrading their bricks h... moreSorry but no.

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        • larry
        • 9xm
        • 13 Dec 2011

        cHEA, 10 Sep 2006Chea is the best Mobile company for the future, it is amazi... morepls i want u to give me the d price.

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          • Galaxy S2 - 2011
          • SvB
          • 02 Aug 2011

          Yo, a got Galaxy S2 after Chea A90 and all I can say is that the mighty Samsung got nutin on this little precios device! Give all up and buy Chea A90! Don't argue... is just the plain truth!

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            • Anonymous
            • S4W
            • 25 Sep 2009

            cHEA, 10 Sep 2006Chea is the best Mobile company for the future, it is amazi... moreare you nuts???chea dont worth noting....the best cell phones brand ever is just one: LIGAMECARALHO

              • F
              • Faisel
              • MMy
              • 17 Oct 2006

              Is this all they can come up with? These guys should really join Motorola and make even crappier fones! The A90 RAZR 9009! I hate Motorola and the copycats!

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                • cHEA
                • PI4
                • 10 Sep 2006

                Chea is the best Mobile company for the future, it is amazing, better than nokia N91, PIECE OF Rubbish, Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel, Motorola cant keep up with this amazing piece of technology, when it is released it will wipe all other brands off the face of the planet!

                Chea A90 is an amazing sleek sophisticated phone with 4096 colours, amazing, sharp image quality with amazing sharp quality resolution screen, and for the first time, a clamshel with a external screen!!

                Chea stands for: Comunications Hi-tec Excelent Achevment, for this amazing phone of the future, It even has games!.

                You cannot go wrong with Chea,

                And buy the best range of high quality mobiles today!

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PMT
                  • 02 Sep 2006

                  Before I found Chea mobiles I was wasting away in the souless corporate mobile machine...BUT then I found that diamond in the rough, that noble steed, that god among men that is CHEACOMM!! I now have a phone that compliments my life and active lifestyle. Thanks Cheacomm!!! =>

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mAN
                    • 02 Jan 2006

                    Waste of raw matterials and precious energy .

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Mv6
                      • 12 Sep 2005

                      Wow, this little baby is the ultimate of all mobile phone. A "must have"!

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                        • Roberto Junior
                        • P2d
                        • 28 Jul 2005

                        Karaoke! Yeah!

                          • j
                          • judas
                          • Mv6
                          • 04 Jul 2005

                          Good Lord, this is the One and Only mobile phone I ever dreamed about!

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                            • Rosie
                            • MSN
                            • 28 May 2005

                            Ah, I see. 4096 colours. Now only two years behind.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • MCr
                              • 23 Feb 2005

                              This the very best phone I ever had.

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                                • Kris
                                • QPU
                                • 26 Jan 2005

                                In Short, Chea is a false company. The phones they make either arnt for sale, or a being bigged up the street sellers in forign countries. Either way the brand isnt legit and doesnt have a market place either. The phones they advertise are just slightly modified originals from other companies - like vodafone do to sharp phones, so in effect none of these phones are made by Chea. And as for the people 'biggin up' this brand - they are merly associates of Chea who know this site is a major swaying point for what mobile you buy in an attempt to get you to buy one if and when you see one. You can tell they only just speak english by the phrases they are using and the freqency of their posts.
                                To sum it all up - Chea is a company wasting out time, trying to get out money and posting its own reviews to try and give it a better rating. My advice, dont touch it with a barge pole!

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 02 Dec 2004

                                  A90 is superb! Absolutely beutyfull! Amaizing tech, briliant design! Keep it up CheaComm!

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                                    • skater42
                                    • 02 Dec 2004

                                    I cannot find those fones anywhere. If they would be worth anything I would be able to BUY them. But I can't even find them on ebay...low. Sometimes it feels like CHEA is a "ghost" company. Somewhere lost in time really...

                                    Of course, CHEA must be better than the Nokia and SHARP...oh's features (laugh) are OH SO amazing...and the screens are the best and most brilliant ever made. LOL.

                                    I wonder why people defend this brand... I can't even find them phones....WHERE DO YOU GET THEM??????? This brand is CHEAP, OLD and USELESS.

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                                      • TAREQ
                                      • 20 Nov 2004

                                      it is not even chea desgine!!!!
                                      it is amoi a90 under licence!!!
                                      even the picture on chea web site wrote on it AMOI!
                                      with lower lower features!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 19 Nov 2004

                                        Garbage. Trash. Junk. Waste. U got a point?