Check out our Nokia 6 (2018) video review

Yordan, 05 May 2018

HMD Global announced the upgraded Nokia 6 (2018) and the phone made its way to us for the full tests. We already released the complete written review last week, but now we have it on video if you prefer to see more of the device in flesh and bones, or in this case - in an aluminum and copper.

The new Nokia 6 comes with some significant updates over the Nokia 6 like a Snapdragon 630 chipset that enables 4K video and latest connectivity options, including Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C port. There are also minor design changes - the fingerprint scanner goes on the back, and the front now lacks the trio of capacitive keys.

Without further ado, the moving pictures of Nokia 6 (2018).


Reader comments

  • Kangal

Yeah, the HMD devices are quite underspecced. It would've made more sense with: Nokia 2 - U$199 - IP65 - 32GB - 4GB - QSD 625 - 480p - 4.5in - 70% StB - 2,500mAh Nokia 4 - U$349 - IP65 - 64GB - 4GB - QSD 636 - 720p - 5.0in - 75% StB - 3,000mAh ...

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is great at value-for-money, actually it is their main selling point. However, I'm skeptical about MIUI. A1 is too old. A2 is still too long and obscure.

  • Anonymous

Nah, it should be just plain "HMD". It's even scribbled in the back of their new "Nokia"-branded phones. Foxconn is just the manufacturer factory. I recognise you, you always confuse the manufacturing factory as the designer.

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