Check out this video of the vivo X50 Pro and its state-of-the-art OIS

Yordan, 19 June 2020

Vivo introduced its X50 lineup and used bold statements like “complete professional photography experience” and “redefining mobile photography”. The vivo X50 Pro phone is finally available for purchase in the retail stores, and the company decided to lift the curtain and reveal one of the impressive technologies, used in the device.

The X50 Pro comes with a state-of-the-art OIS that is closer to PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) technology, seen in gimbals. There’s a lot to unfold, so check the video first and then scroll down below to read the summary.

The technology vivo is using comes with a name that is machine-translated into “micro-cloud PTZ”, meaning instead of having an ultra-expensive gimbal, there is software, making the lens feel like walking on a soft fluffy cloud.

The light that is coming through the lens is projected onto the sensor - this is nothing new. However, with the lens moving omnidirectionally (both up-down and sideways), light hits the sensor at a different angle or at a different spot. That’s where vivo implements a complicated algorithm that adapts the images and removes blurriness and shakiness - that’s the essence of the image stabilization in smartphone cameras.

Check out this video of the vivo X50 Pro and its state-of-the-art OIS

However, having this type of technology while keeping the phone really thin, as this is one of the selling points of vivo X smartphones, means extra-complicated internal design. It took over six months for hardware architecture engineers to find a way to adopt an innovative stacking solution for the magnetic frame and the connector.

While recording amazing non-shaky non-blurry videos, vivo X50 Pro is also able to take pictures. The so-called micro-cloud platform can stabilize the shutter speed of up to 1/4 second (which usually goes at 1/60 of the second).

vivo X50 Pro camera samples vivo X50 Pro camera samples vivo X50 Pro camera samples
vivo X50 Pro camera samples

Sadly, the phone is currently available only in China. Usually, vivo borrows some of the technologies from the domestic X lineup for the V smartphones across the globe, and we’re eagerly awaiting to welcome a vivo V21 Pro at a reasonable price with the same stabilization capabilities.

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  • Zteam
  • 25 Jun 2020
  • 3I{

Except they develop the fastest mobile chips in the industry you mean? No one else even come close, and no I'm not an Apple fanboy, I'm an Android dude, I never owned an Apple product in my entire life.

  • CCE
  • 21 Jun 2020
  • n74

That is why it called Apple! ^_^

Apple isn't a tech company, they are assembler of components. They just buy components from other companies, put them together at high prices. Also, they buy companies when they need something working.

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