Common mobile charger legislation to be proposed by EU in September

Yordan, 13 August 2021

Diversity in phone charger connectors has been nerfed since 2011, but now the European Union is pushing for a universal solution. The European Commission, the executive branch of the EU, is currently drafting a proposal for a common mobile charger solution, sources have told Reuters. It is expected to be presented in September.

Common mobile charger legislation to be proposed by EU in September

Apple is most likely to be hurt by such legislation. According to a study from 2019, ordered by the EC, a Lighting connector is used in only 21% of phones, with 79% being micro-USB or USB-C. The source did not give any more details on drafting the legislation, but we already know lawmakers at the European Parliament voted in favor of a common charger.

The main reasons for the unification of charger standards are environmental impact and user convenience.

Apple has stated that a universal solution would “hurt innovation” and create “a mountain of electronic waste” if consumers were forced to switch to new chargers. It also stated the industry is naturally moving towards a USB-C solution, so any direct regulation would be unnecessary.



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I don't disagree with you. But i meant other companies follow apple like sheeps. That's a bit of a problem too. Isn't it?

does not degrade*

depends on how bad a charger is Most chargers people are gonns buy come with the protection necessary anyways if any issue occus so it doesn't blow up and besides consumers can still choose the right wattage they wanna buy so battery degrwd...

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