Concept photos? Or actual renders? This could be the long-awaited Surface Phone

Ricky, 05 November 2016

Friday, leak master @evleaks posted a few pictures of a windows phone “concept” as the way he tweeted it at first, was very vague and unclear as to whether the photos were of an actual phone or of a conceptual design. “Powered by a laptop-class Intel processor, would this have blown your mind?” he tweets.

Someone commented that it was a “nice concept” but “nothing more,” than that. That’s when Evan Blass tweeted some more photos out, this time of the same phone, but posed in some lifestyle shots. He replies to the comment by saying “Much more than a concept. Stay tuned."

Beside the fact that these phones could be powered by a laptop Intel CPU, there’s not much else we know. But there must be more that @evleaks knows as he asks everyone to “stay tuned” for more news from the rumor mill. There is still no news on pricing, availability, specs, or even a time frame of when this could be a real thing.

We could be looking at a couple of things: either an early mockup with a conceptual phone used as a place holder, or some fan-made Photoshop art. But given Blass’ track record with accuracy, we could be looking at the real deal.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-394227

The keylogger on Windows sucked up all your personal info and sends it to NSA.

  • AnonD-312515

This doesn't seem like a concept, I'm more anxious to see how Microsoft will figure all this out and present it to us.

  • Anonymous

What do you mean? Android lags behind Windows and iOS in terms of performance, reliability, security(!!), user interface, filesystem management, smart features, server sync, ad blocking, battery management, menus structure, and others.

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