Coolpad Cool1 dual

Coolpad Cool1 dual

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  • Storm

K.NANDHAKUMAR, 25 Sep 2018speaker sound is not good ,only three themes are opened Yes me too

  • Prasad

When phone in use , not able to recharge phone
Coolpad cool 1

  • Emmy

A wouldve-been very good phone. Cheap and a very good ba3; a day+ with fair usage, but the downside hmmm. Its heartbreaking to use while charging, the entire screen goes in a frenzy, maad frenzy. The same but to a lesser degree happens when it is hot. And it can be very hot...Never run a high tasking app for 30mns straight. Games and browsers included. Way too many ads. Fyi, The case is only in china. So plan to customize or u'll burn ur fingers, literally. And the sim port is fragile. Mine's damaged alrdy trapping my sim permanently.
Overall 5 out of 10 nonetheless. If you dont have the cash and you can trust always getting a good direct secondhand price. It always fatigues its first owner.

  • Anonymous

28nm octacore, metal body so hot lol

  • Sameer

There is no 18 watts charger and fast charging

Sanin Maharjan, 05 Sep 2019I bought this phone on May, 2017 for around $300. Phones wi... more$300 for this??? loooool RIP

I bought this phone on May, 2017 for around $300. Phones with dual cameras were new thing that time. It was cheaper than other dual camera phones. After checking specs and reviews, I bought the phone. There were heating issue sometimes. I got display glitches two times in less than a year. The glitches fixed automatically within seconds, so I didn't care that much. But after a year and two months, after the warranty is gone, the phone started to do weird things. Those gltiches were not because of display problem, my phone was going to died, it was about to brick. I tried fixing it myself after days but couldn't, sent it to a repair shop, brought it home and same thing happened. My phone got bricked automatically.

The rear camera is made up of plastic so it got scratched as well.

I used MI Note 5 Pro after this, now OnePlus 5T, but Coolpad has been dead since then.

The conclusion is never buy phones from new brands.

  • SAM

Empi, 17 Jan 2019I bought this phone about 3 months now it happens that the ... moreBro, Same thing happened with me also, today suddenly mobile got switch off and i was not able to switching on but when i read your comment and tried same power + Volume button, now its on ... thank you.

  • Anonymous

Empi, 17 Jan 2019I bought this phone about 3 months now it happens that the ... moreYou will do the phone rebooting

Bobfish, 18 Jan 2019Have been using for about 3 months , no problems at all so ... moreUpdate your phone to eui 5.9.026s
And then no update you will be receive. This is the latest update for cool1. So leeco and coolpad are not good companies.
Eui is full of advertising so i hate so much. Never buy leeco and coolpad's products.
No more update
Full of advertising in Chinese. That is frightful.
Heating problem
Can not create leeco account.
Buy xiaomi instead.

Have been using for about 3 months , no problems at all so far.
I got the C103 model , rom version 5.8.18s India.
Everything worked well right out of the box, and still is working well.
Battery still good for 1 whole day use.
For a cheap price , its got dual camera with bright dual tone flash, with full manual control mode,SLR mode and night mode.
It has big 4000 mAh battery with quick charge.
Best value for money.

  • Empi

I bought this phone about 3 months now it happens that the phone shut down and have a blue notification light and i have to press the volume down and power botton at the same time to open it,I don't know why that is happening, it is very annoying, please help me.

Taghi, 25 Dec 2018I do not recommend this phone at all. The company does not ... moreUnofficial android 7 nougat update has been available for some time .Search for it on xda forum.

  • Ray Furtado

Bought 3 phones, all of them get really hot while using even with screen at 50% brightness (or less). Using while charging is unadvised. Cheap phone with cheap-phone problems. Buyer beware.

I do not recommend this phone at all. The company does not update for this phone, the handset is hot, so it burns your hand. The Eui 6 update for this phone is no longer provided, so the security of this handset is low and did not give the latest Google security patches for this phone. I also bought a xiaomi redmi, which many leeco companies value for their customers, and each month it's a new update for all its phones, which makes it a smartphone.Where is Eui6?

  • Awir

I bought this phone month ago.. very nice phone with quick charger.. very good budget for normal user.. buy i have only 1 problem .. this phone only detected 1 telco provider.. not all telco...

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2018what is the upload and download capability of this phone??300/50 mbps LTE download/upload

  • Anonymous

what is the upload and download capability of this phone??

  • Amit

Paru, 23 Jun 2018I too have the same prblm. Black lines on the screen. How c... moreI'm also faed same problem...any one please ohoe is under warranty can i go to service centre?

anonymous, 27 Aug 2018finally got this phone. the R116 series 3/32 for about 120$... moreGet a QC2.0 or QC3.0 charger and your phone will charge faster .