Coolpad Cool1 dual

Coolpad Cool1 dual

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Just bought it 2 weeks , its very nice phone , good performance.
And battery easily lasts 1 day of normal use.

  • Morgan

Please does this phone Cook-off Cool1 have MHL Tv Out?

  • As-salafy

I just bought the phone, i cant say anything about it yet

bali, 28 Feb 2018previously i had the same problem. simply i replaced the ch... moreMay I know the brand of the charger you bought? I'm facing the same problem and I'm looking to buy a charger. Did your phone not give you the same problem again, i.e. charging for a long time? Also, if you bought the charger online, I'd really appreciate it if you could provide the link. Does the phone work fine even now?

  • Important review

I m using cool1 since 1yr 2 months now.
Its battery is gone, its not charging any more.
Its radiation is very high, gorilla3 glass is not as strong as my another phone's g3 glass, so i think its not much strong gorilla3. It has broken into pieces for very small impact.

  • Patto

No updates for cool 1 from Leeco or coolpad........I regret buying this phone


speaker sound is not good ,only three themes are opened

  • Joel

Reshma, 01 Aug 2018I do have the same horizontal lines in my screenI also have the same problem.
I have done a factory reset and problem gets fixed.

  • anonymous

finally got this phone. the R116 series 3/32 for about 120$
the camera is better than my Redmi Note 4, battery life is about the same, but my Note 4 drain battery so hard during idle than my Coolpad.

Brightness may become a problem if you use your phone on daylight, even a full brightness im still almost cant see my phone screen.

The speaker not really good either, on full volume my Note 4 better than it.

Customization is on the low ground, not many customization unlike Xiaomi phone.

No Micro SD card, but for me that's not a big deal.

charge from 5-100% for about 2.5hrs when phone off, i havent tested it when phone is on.

on casual gaming like Mobile Legends, AOV, PUBGM, Asphalt runs great but sometime the device become hot.

i think its really good on daily usage

  • Anonymous

yes this phone come with quickcharge2.0

  • vativot

anonymous, 11 Aug 2018does this device have the quickcharge?yeah yeah thats mah boy

  • anonymous

does this device have the quickcharge?

  • anonymous

does this device have the quickcharge?

  • Reshma

Taghi, 24 Jun 2018Take a picture from your phone's screen by another camera a... moreI do have the same horizontal lines in my screen

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2017Very slow charging after two months of usage It's taking 1... moreChange the charging adapter and cable

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018Been using this amazing phone for weeks and so far it's doi... moreHow about the phone now? Still great as u told before?

  • Taghi

Paru, 23 Jun 2018I too have the same prblm. Black lines on the screen. How c... moreTake a picture from your phone's screen by another camera and put your screenshot link here.

  • Taghi

Taghi, 21 Jun 2018New problem I scan my device by nod32 mobile security and ... moreDo you check this problem?
Any opinion?

  • Paru

Anonymous, 05 May 2018I buy coolpad cool 1 i use 15 day then on my screen black h... moreI too have the same prblm. Black lines on the screen. How can I solve the issue. Anyone please help

  • Anonymous

My coolpad cool 1 sim slot 2 not shows sim network. so, what to do ?