Corning launches ultra-slim and flexible Willow Glass

04 June, 2012

Today Corning announced a new display surface called Willow Glass. It retains the rigidity of the Gorilla Glass while adding more flexibility, lightness and cost-effectiveness.

The new Willow Glass is extremely thin at just 100 microns, but it manages to remain as tough as its Gorilla Glass counterpart. Corning says the new type of display will be used for both LCDs and OLEDs on smartphones, tablets and verious other gadgets.

Corning has even made a specialized video demonstrating how it manufactures the Willow Glass. It's a new high-temperature roll-to-roll technology, which the company says has been impossible until now. Check it out.

Samples of the new flexible glass have already been sent to customers of the company, but actual products featuring it haven't been disclosed yet. It also remains a mystery whether the Willow Glass displays will bend when pressed like the resistive touchscreens of old.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-203881

@Wisse Actually that is exactly how it's manufacturer and that's why it's cheaper too. The compound that makes up Willow Glass is made as thin high heat Gorilla Glass, as possible, while adding thin layers of flexible ultra crystalline clear Infino ...

  • Yani

Haha. Nice 3D rendering video from Corning. And then tons of comments here on GsmArena on how well does it withstand shock. Wouldn't it be better if Corning would show us their Willow Glass' tests? Even better with old Gorilla glass next to the new...

  • Wisse

Roll-to-roll is not how Corning manufactures Willow glass, at least they never claimed that anyway. Roll-to-roll is meant to show how this glass could be processed (to make displays and such) due to its flexibility.

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