Customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold are getting reward points

Peter, 15 May 2019

Samsung should announce a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold soon, but it seems that people who pre-ordered the foldable flagship are getting antsy. To keep them from canceling their pre-orders, Samsung is offering them reward points.

The Galaxy Fold is $1,980 and Samsung offers 2 points for every $1 spent on smartphones. So, thatís a total of 3,960 points. 200 points can be redeemed for $1, which works out to just under $20.

If you pre-ordered, check your Samsung account to see if you received the reward points. You can redeem them at or the Samsung App store.

Check out the catalog to see what you can buy. Spoiler, itís not much. For example, a Galaxy S10 silicone cover is 6,000 points, so youíre probably better off spending your points on apps.



Reader comments

They do look authentically Samsung made and yes, feel more like a quality product but that's it. There's better alternatives out there than Samsung produced accessories. Samsung has the potential to make ground-breaking products but they're just set-...

You never tried them. You would know better if you did

The real ones are most definitely not "top-of-the-line and unrivaled".. however, exorbitantly expensive they are indeed. Greed at its finest.