Damian Dinning stands up for Nokia’s Full Focus cameraphones

23 November, 2010

We stumbled upon an interesting post on the Nokia Conversations blog, concerning the company’s new Full focus technology. In a fiery speech, Damian Dinning (Nokia’s camera division guru) defends Full Focus cameraphones and has made it clear why Nokia chose it for their latest smartphones.

Indeed Nokia’s decision to equip the C6-01, C7 and even the E7 flagship with 8 megapixel fixed-focus camera modules hasn’t been received very well. It definitely seemed like a step backwards and not what people really wanted.

Now it’s turn for Nokia to show us the other side of the coin and point to the Full Focus technology benefits. Before going in a lengthy description of the Full Focus modules main principles, Dining gives a short list of its advantages compared to autofocus systems. Surprisingly cost is not among them as the manufacturing of those modules turns out to be pretty complicated.

What goes in the list is no mis-focused shots as long as you shoot from more than 50cm of your target, no shooting lag, greater depth of field and slimmer and generally more compact camera modules. Now we are pretty sure we would trade those for the ability to scan labels and documents and other close-range objects with our handsets, but maybe there would be plenty people out there to think otherwise.

Unfortunately those people will also have to live with the unimpressive image quality that those Full Focus cameras currently provide.

We've reviewed the Nokia C6-01 and the Nokia C7 and we are far from impressed by the quality of the stills. You can check out how the full focus thingie cripples the closeup capabilities of the Nokia C7 here.