Deal: Huawei Mate 9 drops to $399.99 unlocked

Vlad, 09 November 2017

Huawei's Mate 10 Pro is reportedly headed to AT&T in early 2018, and the Chinese company may or may not choose to also sell it on Amazon like its predecessor. But until any of that happens, the Mate 9 is still the only Huawei-branded high-end phablet you can officially buy in the US.

Thankfully, the launch of its successor has meant last year's model received a nice price cut. The Mate 9 can now be purchased from Amazon for just $399.99 unlocked. That's $100 less than its previous price and $200 below its launch price of $599.99.

The Mate 9 might be packing 2016 tech, but it's top of the line 2016 tech - and at $399.99 it's priced at the level of mid-rangers. So it's somewhat of a steal at the moment, if you don't mind buying unlocked. And if you keep in mind the fact that it will only work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and the various MVNOs using those networks - no Verizon or Sprint, sorry. The Mate 9 sold in the US even has Amazon's Alexa pre-installed, because you can never have too many virtual assistants on a phone.

It's unclear whether this price cut is a limited time affair or not, so on the off chance that it is we recommend you take advantage of the deal as soon as possible if you're interested.



Reader comments

  • p51d007

I've had the 2,8 & far as software updates, I've never really given it much thought. Why? Because the phone "just works"! Never had an issue yet! Great price, fantastic phone. (I use Nova Prime launcher).

  • Anonymous

The built-in speakers sound as flat as any phone speaker out there, but Mate 9's speakers are pretty much the loudest, ear-piercing ones I've ever heard personally - just what the GSMA's own review said about this phone. It's really, really loud and ...

  • Anonymous

Well, I've owned my Mate 9 for about 8 months now and I've gotten pretty much monthly updates so far. The security patch is one month behind always, but at least I've gotten them in a monthly basis, so I should get another one this month or at least ...

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