Deal: Refurbished Apple HomePod for $240 in the US, today only

George, 19 January 2019

Apple's HomePod Siri-enabled smart speaker was never particularly affordable at $349 in the US, but at $240 you could be tempted. That's what it goes for now on Woot - or rather $239.99. Both the white and space gray color options are available.

Mind you, it's not new-new, but refurbished, and comes with a 90-day Woot warranty, instead of the usual one year. Additionally, if you're in Alaska or Hawai (or anywhere outside the US, for that matter) - tough luck, it doesn't ship there.

The HomePod, announced in the summer of 2017 (how time flies), is Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home. It's got a total of 6 microphones, a 4-inch woofer, and a 7-unit tweeter array - so it can both hear you from any angle and direct music at you in the best possible way depending on the room features.



Reader comments

Stick it up your arse Apple will never buy your products

Man we buy new and refurbrished as well. But to be honest battery is the biggest isue. Most of our customers with Iphone 6 come same day or up to one week with a battery charging problem, Many refurbrished phone ddidnt even turn on and the w...

  • Mailman

My bad, woot isn't best option because of warranty. But if you are buying refurbished products from apple store, then you are getting 1 year warranty and new battery in product as well.