Deal: Sony Xperia XZ Premium drops to $524.99, $275 less than its initial price

Vlad, 19 April 2018

Sony took the wraps off its Xperia XZ2 Premium this week, and that means its predecessor is getting cheaper. The XZ Premium from last year can now be purchased for just $524.99. That's a whopping $275 less than the phone's initial price in the US, namely $799.99.

The XZ Premium got its first price cut after only two months of availability, but even if you count from that $699.99 level, you're still getting $175 off with this deal.

Previously, we've seen the XZ Premium going for $585 and $550, but never as low as $524.99. If you want a handset with a 4K screen and don't mind the huge bezels, it should serve you very well. Note that only the Luminous Chrome color version is discounted this steeply. If you choose to go for it, you're getting an unlocked device that you can use on GSM/LTE carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, all of their prepaid brands, and any MVNOs using their networks.

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Man oh really? Anyone can do that test on youtube its not certified thus is invalid. Your sony xz1c can compare yes maybe but with other low end phones like J3 2016 or so. If you really believe its better or even much better than OP5T then you...

idk where is your problem cuz I just bought xz1c for just 210$ (pre owned,almost new) and even its my luck or whatever it is, it beats the sh*t out of 5t or mi6 cheers bro, Sony dont bother people who buy mediocre brands that produce products wit...

Man oh cmon i said Xperia laggs not menoided exact model Oneplus is great zillions people love it zillions hate it you cant satisfy everyone. But cwhen we compare specs and price Oneplzus is best value phone for money and most chinese brands su...

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