Sony Xperia XZ Premium currently going for $585 in US

Himanshu, 17 October 2017

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium has received a new price cut in the US. The device - which launched in the country back in June this year, carrying a whopping $799.99 price tag - is currently going for around $585.

Amazon is offering both Pink and Chrome color options at this reduced price. A quick look at the websites of other retailers that are officially selling the Xperia XZ Premium reveals $699.99 price tag for these variants.

For those interested in the black version, sadly, there's no such discount on it, as price tag remains at $699.99, irrespective of the retailer you purchase it from.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Apple is the persistence of americans even note 8 has everything or more they just dont want a brand from asia to have dominance in their country (not region) Shy sony should sell a 4k hdr top notch sell phone with unique features less than a 4.7 i...

  • Ibrar

You either have zero research or just love anything other than your reach 580 for a flagship with 4k hdr screen, exceptional camera with 960fps and predictive capture Front stereo speakers Ip68 Sd card card and a unique design But you m...

No offense or disrespecting your opinion . Not really the exact reason of your statement , but here's the reason that close to the reality of Sony : After they lost battle on low-end and decided to up their E series par with XA series and deficit dur...

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