Deal: the Samsung Galaxy A51 is now free at Verizon

Vlad, 04 June 2020

Samsung's Galaxy A51 has been one of the most popular mid-rangers in our database, and now Verizon in the US is set to make it even more so.

The carrier has basically decided to offer the phone for free, if you get the phone on its monthly installment plan. The full retail price of the A51 is still set at $399.99, and that's how much you'll have to shell out if you want to pay for the handset outright.

Deal: the Samsung Galaxy A51 is now free at Verizon

But if you go the installment route, Verizon will apply bill credits each month, essentially making each payment $0. Before this sudden price drop, you would've needed to pay $16.66 per month for two years to get the A51. Now, it's free.

That said, if you're interested, do act soon, because unfortunately there's no telling how long this deal will last. If you want to learn more about the Galaxy A51, our in-depth review is a good place to start.



Reader comments

  • Capi

Why the Verizon deal is a scam. If you are referring to the deal I think you are, you must upgrade in 20 months when, perhaps, the options will be at full retail. If you do not upgrade, you must continue to pay for 20 additional months. My co...

  • Bluesters

You make no sense The phone is free if you stick with Verizon

  • Anonymous

Because it's broken up into monthly bill credits, which will be void if you change carriers, causing the balance you owe on the phone to become due immediately.

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