Deal: Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+ for $530, S9 at $485

Vlad, 06 May 2019

If you can't get yourself to spend around a thousand bucks on Samsung's new Galaxy S10+, how about buying an S9+ instead? Sure, it doesn't have three cameras on the back, but it's still plenty capable in its own right, and you get the same One UI on it as the newer models.

We're bringing this up because at the moment you can snag a brand new Galaxy S9+ from Amazon, in unlocked form, for just $530.93. That's an amazing price and the phone is sold by Amazon itself and comes with a US warranty, so everything looks to be on the up and up.

If you'd rather have the smaller Galaxy S9 instead, that will cost you $484.47. In both cases we're talking about the 64GB versions of the phones, if you need more storage the prices go up. Keep in mind that there's no telling how long this deal will last, so if you're interested make sure you buy soon.



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  • g6 user

LG g2

  • Anonymous

rofl, only for you.

When did an LG made phone become better than a Samsung??

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