Dell Streak Pro D43

Dell Streak Pro D43

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  • Anonymous

Dell...... please upgrage d android version of d stteak pro ...we NEED it....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2014how do i fix d android OS on my Dell streak Pro D43 it says ' an... moreInstall a new launcher or hard reset your phone

  • User311

I have the same problem.Adroid OS not working.How do I fix?

  • Anonymous

how do i fix d android OS on my Dell streak Pro D43 it says ' has stopped working..force close.......''' what do i do??

  • Anonymous

If camera took blur pics then Change the focus mode to focus might not work properly so try in noramal focus this may help it

  • Anonymous

phone is not bad but too pricey for its features

  • mehtab ali shah

plz update this phone to Jellybean and also solve its touch delay.according to its Specs it should be upgrade

  • Rabia

My camera result is blur please help

  • Kibabu

This phone is awesome! Thanks dell for inventing and launching this device.I can surf the web faster than any other mobile device. Also thanks its usb wireless tethering capability because I can connect to my laptop and use it as a mobile modem at incredibly high speeds for both downloading and uploading of docs and photos. Guys, this gadget has lots of fun try it now. You can't compare it with Sumsung, Nokia, HTC, Iphone or even Blackberry.

  • Anonymous

My phone camera is now taking blurry images please any

  • AnonD-255825

AnonD-255825, 19 Apr 2014My D43 sometimes shuts down when it has low battery and it wont ... moreYou have to wait until the battery is completely empty, don't plug it in or try to recharge the phone until it is empty. When the battery is empty plug it into the usb charger and the phone will buzz and start to charge. After the phone has charged up to 15% it can be started again.

  • AnonD-255825

My D43 sometimes shuts down when it has low battery and it wont switch on. The thing to do is wait until the battery is empty. Then you can start to recharge it and the phone will switch on again. Nothing is broken, it just has to die before it can live again. Happy Passover ;-)

  • Petit

how can i formate my dell GS01? asking of fast boost something something pls help me

  • moussa

how to unlock your phone without your google account and in the case where your data connection is not activated? please help me.

  • iiteepee

how can i flash my dell streak pro d43 on line?

  • AnonD-145929

Tip on saving battery:

Delete games from smartphone.
Play games with PC only.

  • Sichris

My dell gs01 battry is always running down especially most time i play games

  • Haq Nawaz

Please help me how i can update Dell Gs01?

  • Anonymous

samm, 15 Dec 2013My dell streak pro touch screen has smash and i'm looking to get... moreif you are around kumasi just Go to obolo phones

  • Milac joe nadal

Hello guys am writing from Cameroon i have used this phone it perfect and it processing speed is just cool try it you wont go for any other mobile device . thanks for the dell company for launching this great device makes life very easy . guys try it .