More details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 and Z Fold3 surface

Ro, 09 February 2021

An inside source revealed to SamMobile some key details about Samsung's upcoming foldable phones - likely named Z Flip2, and the Galaxy Z Fold3.

Details about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip2 and Z Fold3 surface

The report mentions the handsets' model numbers - SM-F926 for the Z Fold3 and SM-F711 which is attached to the Z Flip's successor. Both devices are said to run One UI 3.5 out of the box suggesting that the release dates are scheduled for the second half of this year. Historically, the new UI version is announced alongside the Note-series, which debut in the second half of each year.

Lastly, the Z Fold3 is believed to offer 256GB of storage while the Z Flip2 will come in 128GB and 256GB flavors.



Reader comments

  • Osiris

Nope it doesn't, 256gb is too much already

  • Osiris

LOL more durable

  • Anonymous

Everyone be complaining about in-built storage but really when do you fill it up? SD cards should be a priority cause they are way more durable than a phone.

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